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formal hair tips?

I have my formal next 12 years ... my dress is short, black v-neck with glass beads in the top right v if I do not need a collar. Finally half brown and blond hair, I HAV and a strip of frustration that may be complete or fringe-side .. Wat do you suggest? I large loops in a messy bun .. If any suggestions? I am very excited

hmmmm curly hair I would establish a high-ish bits with a pink ribbon or white on and have her hair from her bun if u have like on each side of ur head a little hair down

How do you measure for a pendant

I am firmly convinced that the worst of jewelry is the guy who sits in a box and used to suffer. Very often you find a jewel that feels that way. Whether itâ € ™ s something to go with a suit or something that feels good in their work clothes usual. If you want something to sit in a particular place, the measure itself is a very simple process and measure before you buy can save money and headaches.

All you need is a piece of string and a meter or measuring tape thatâ € ™ s at least 24 € length. Donâ € ™ t use a rule for this if you are satisfied with a measure vaguely correct.

  1. Pass the string to the back of the neck and hold one end in the position you want the top of the hill to sit.
  2. Bring the string length to meet the end which is in the position
  3. Keep the length of the fingers with you where they are.
  4. Statement the short end and take the chain around the neck
  5. Now, measure the length of the end is placed in the position where the end point longest.

There are some considerations to keep in mind with that.

Only works really something naturally fall into a form œVâ € € a pendant, is added (narrow channels, the bulk distribution of stones, ribbons, cords and work with the best).

Remember that you grab the top slot of the slope, not the bottom. If the slope is to make sure the great Itâ € ™ s that take into account the height if you find yourself carrying it in your bra up over her cleavage.

In general The best way to find the lengths are suspended 16A €, € € 18a and 20a, as are the chain lengths of the most common. If you need something specific, it is always best to contact the manufacturer of jewelry and discuss your needs.

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Gordon McDonald has a passion for well worn jewellery. In his spare time he makes hand made Murano Glass, Blown Glass and Swarovski Crystal jewellery which he sells through his Hearts of Glass website.


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