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What I can do for my child?

Anyday be here and I miss my mind being stuck in the house and not being able to move much. I love all types of art and crafts. I have no sewing machine, but I can not hand sewing something. I love cross stitch, plastic canvas, painting, drawing, manufacturing soap and candles, jewelry, rugs, photography, scrapbooking / collage, etc. Also I have not yet used dazzle (not sure what I could do that for a child). I lot of baby clothes could change. Ideas? 🙂 I wish I knew how to knit and crochet. : (I have a book about it, but I can not Never do things. Lol

Maybe you could use the dazzle to make a roof of something cute as a teddy bear for the baby's room - Congratulations! You will not be bored for long!

Cross Stitch Tips

Here are some tips for cross stitch that will help a lot with their cross stitch projects.


Always start sewing from the center of your fabric. To find the center of your fabric, fold the fabric twice. The center will be located at the intersection two folds.

Find the center of your letter, following the arrows. An arrow in the top center TISSUE

Put a handkerchief on the ring with your fabric and then tearing the center where they are sharp. This will prevent oil from getting onto your canvas and help his hands to be wet.

Using different qualities of fabric. Try cheaper fabric designs for faster, save money so you can splash on the best fabrics for heritage projects.

You must leave 3 to 4 inches of fabric on each side of the design. This will help your project easily.


When 2 son to sew using a single strand of wire, place the ends and thread through the needle leaving a loop at one end. When the needle is inserted into the second point, catching the loop. This makes the hardware in your Bumby.

When the thread ends under a stream of other points, try to match colors. Never run a dark color under sewing light, can show the front.

point should be added when other seam is completed.


Many of us have the bad habit of leaving the needle in the tissue during the session ended. Note that this may leave permanent stain or large hole in the fabric. Keep a needle correctly.


If you have pets or small children do not take their cross stitch materials in a bag. Keep your son, needles and scissors in a box closes securely to prevent small fingers and feet do things easily!

If you are working on a project larger needle, invest in a set of stretcher bars. They keep the deformed structure and makes it easier to achieve sewing. They come in different sizes and are fairly inexpensive.

With a pen color - yellow works very well to zone or stitches to the operator. If the yellow light difficult to see at night, you can use another color like green or blue or orange when stitching in the evening.

About the Author

Author is the owner of Yiotas XStitch, fine art & victorian cross stitch charts/patterns.


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