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He was snowboarding .. get rid of pain?

I've been pretty snowboard a few times, and I expected to be bad today, but none of that. I do not fall at all except once when I took a bad fall (the steepest slopes in my area have dropped about 6 times (no exaggeration)). Now, my neck and chest really hurts, but especially my neck, moves when I move. Now in California, then I can navigate. I took a break today, but I really want to leave tomorrow, I could not do anything to get rid of stiffness? because rowing is very demanding and I can not imagine how difficult it would be if my body feels like it feels now

Well, pain in the neck normal for many people because I know that when browsing, you can have a more forward position, but when you're on a board attached to the side The snow of her neck turn down the mountain all day for that is where the pain comes. Just take some painkillers and anti inflammatory perhaps. but continues to operate. Me it always tend to cause pain to help ease as if my neck hurts to move I will spend a lot of things. It's just me though.

Ten beaches off-the-sand-like

Ten beaches off the beaten path Arena

1. Konkan coast, Maharashtra, India

Pure white sand, backed by a thick forest, lush, characterizes a number of beautiful beaches along a stretch of 370 km of coastline between Vasai and Vengurla. Hedva, Velneshvar, Takarli, Harihareshwar and Ganpatipule, with its beautiful red wooden temple 400 years, are among the beautiful beaches await the traveler willing to go the extra mile to find them. You can reach the coast of Mumbai train or by plane from Goa.

2. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Diving reefs, trekking forest and see the tops of trees of a fence wire, and beach activities like surfing usual he offers in this very remote region of the extreme northern Costa Rica. The wildlife is extraordinary: a half a million turtles lay their eggs in the sand Ostional the beach every two or three weeks of August to November, and woods are full of howler monkeys, anteaters, badgers, armadillos and a variety spectacular birds, including the resplendent quetzal, with its bright green plumage, red belly, white tail feathers and green tail, the rare harpy eagle and prey more than 50 species of hummingbirds, 75 different flycatchers.

3. Koh Mak, Thailand

Palms and clearest waters along a stretch 25 km long on land, and peace and tranquility, away from the crowds that can be expected in the Thai island of the family called. "Located in the Gulf of Thailand, just 50 km from the coast of Cambodia, it must pass through Trat on the mainland. You can stay here in a bamboo hut, a guest house, a thatched roof and straw house or property, but hotel prices, and we hope someone in the band range that you choose.

4. Obzor, Bulgaria

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has recently taken as a destination for tourists from the beach beautiful and clean beaches are too. Crowded in high season, however, may not appeal to those who want something more secluded, which in turn may seem Obzor, about midway between Bourgas and Varna, where the highway E87 exit the wooded hills in a brief section, open coastal. Despite its location and the long sandy beach 6 km (among the great Golden Sands and Sunny Beach), this space can be yours for the taking almost pleasant, even in high season.

5. Vik Iceland

There is a place for amateurs, the remarkable, 10 km long, black sand beach at Vik has been named one of the ten most beautiful beaches world by the magazine islands in 1991. It is no less beautiful now, decorated on the south coast of Iceland crisp, his visit to a colony birds in the vicinity of the Reynisdrangar, columns of black lava sculpted by the sea, known as the three trolls. The sea off this coast is wild enough and stormy: even in summer, cold is cold, it still sounds cool! But it is a wonderful place and a glorious memory.

6. Ile Sainte Marie Madagascar

Ile Sainte Marie is a granite island 57 km long and is located 8 km from the east coast of Madagascar on the continent. Frequented by pirates between the 17th and 18th centuries, is today a tourist destination with beautiful beaches, lined with coconut palms and backed by jungle. A range of long White Coconut Point of a magnificent tropical garden and a hotel with 20 bungalows. On the east coast of the peninsula Amphanihy are the most beautiful beaches. Between July and September, the island is an ideal place to see humpback whales, which pass through the channel separating the island from the mainland between July and September. Goto end of the year from October to December, and you can enjoy diving around two shipwrecks. This tropical paradise is a major drawback: it rains a lot, even in the dry "season.

7. Wild Coast, South Africa

Relatively undisturbed, the Wild Coast Eastern Cape is a reputation as wild and rocky, the paradise of Africa in general, where waterfalls falling into the sea on a stretch of nearly 100 km. Its beaches, open spaces and pristine forest areas provide an opportunity for adventure travelers to discover a great variety of options entertainment, including fishing, abseiling, snorkelling, scuba diving and walking inside. Accommodation Tourism is small and intimate, which helps to ensure an unforgettable holiday here.

8. Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Tourism is highly developed here, but then with a mainland coastline and 365 islands to choose from, you're always bound to find beautiful beach with clear water perfect for swimming - Among the colorful fish, if you want - or scuba diving. The city is 151 km from Rio de Janeiro, where you can take a car day. Better yet, stay city and make your own exploration of beaches in 2000. If you can not find one that suits you, you do not.

9. Dahab Hilton Beach Resort, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

OK, you will not be the first to know, but if you want nothing more than a beautiful beach in comfortable rooms with a quiet and remote, at the end of the earth's atmosphere, this beach can be the place for you. The mountains of Arabia facing the sea and the beach itself offers good opportunities for swimming and diving.

10. Rating Massa, Morocco

A strip of 90 miles of golden beaches between Agadir and Tiznit, this coast is still largely intact, with only a new hotel, situated in the dunes that rise from the sea to the far right of the beach Sidi Moussa of Aglou, three fishermen prehistoric cave dwellings, but you've seen quite resistant. Caution: strong currents make swimming dangerous. The wetland reserves of Souss-Massa National are available nearby.

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