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Does anyone know a good website for cross stitch quilts?

My hobby is pre-printed quilting Cruz. My nephew age 9 he love to see me cross stitch, and now he wants me to become one. All I can find are baby quilts, and is too old to one of them. He likes baseball, hunting, fishing, horses and dogs. Does anyone know of any good sites where I can find a cross stitch quilt in one of these genres, or where I can buy to transfer iron on a blanket? Thank you.

Try these sites: http://www . / search.asp? SKW = & Stamping & GEN1 = ST31 + PMG + seal Cross Stitch? Category = 23 You can also cross stitch on the fabric using fabric waste ALL. From the point of cross regularly and do not work from a model prestamped, your chances are endless - you can find hundreds of models online and more at your local library. His nephew will be able to choose what he loves. Http: / /

How to make a cushion Counted Cross Stitch

Make gifts for people is a rewarding hobby in counted cross stitch with infinite elements practices you can do.

With the fabric in cross stitch little things can make a ball either for yourself or as gifts.

Challis fabric is probably best use, as is not as rigid as Aida.

What is needed:


Graphic Design




With as little as 5.5? x 3? Challis Aida cloth or you can make a ball. If you like a ball larger in increasing the size to allow the design that are appropriate for the stronger will be larger.

In six simple steps that produced a beautiful gift for someone.

1. Stitch design using only half of the canvas.

2. When finished, fold the fabric in half with the design inside.

3. Sew the two sides of the field with a strand of cotton yarn or normal use of the seam. Make a seam 5 mm holes using the canvas as a guide for a straight seam.

Pad 4.Turn good way of getting around with a pin so as to make a point own.

5. Quilted Fold in half and in half again. Insert this in steel.

6. Turn under the edges and sew the opening with small points treated.

Alternatively, if you have a piece of fabric 3.5 "x 3.5" can sew design and use of material contrast of similar size, knitted the two together.

So if you have small amounts of material in his work to put in the tray you can now make good use.

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