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Can someone explain briefly how a rubber seal, then "that enhances the brilliant sketch 3D raised?

My sister's friend gave him a beautiful greeting card and stamp along the lines of review, we did something to the contour of the mark in the document raises brilliant 3D. I know this process, but have not found a simple explanation. My sister told me her friend had to use some kind of dust and then had to blow hot air on it with the embossing tool is correct? Is it expensive?

You have to use a special ink and embossing powder relief. And yes, you need a gun heat. They come in a variety of prices and sizes and shapes. Just go to a hardware store and price. You ink the paper and ink to dry before dusting and excess Press to remove, then established. Added: What I have found it easier and less expensive, is to obtain a small crystal bottle of paint on material and after that type of my image, I leave the lines with the fine point of the painting. It is based on color of ink you use regularly in the paint and is, the more you get the nice shiny glass flakes. Polly bought fabric paint dimensional mark, but what you can use any brand you like. It costs about 99 cents. Just make sure to buy the small bottle, because the real point is well so you can get a fine line or add pressure and get a thicker line ... could worth a try before spending the extra money a heat gun and the ink and the special powder ... This is how I made my Christmas cards last year. They seemed beautiful. High .. More: After requesting to be added to your contacts, I took a look at your profile ... I love gardening too! It became my kids love. It's just a learning experience for us peaceful. Thank you.

Stamping Nail Art Review drawings Konad simple nail

Everyone likes to have her nails. Konad can actually stamp nail art for fingers and toes to produce attractive and professional nails at home .

Nail Art & Nail Designs Konad

Konad works by putting nail polish on the design you want, then scrape the nail-ending. Turn the buffer on the enamel of transferring the design into the model. Konad starter kit comes with everything you need to be creative with nails. There are several kits that cost more, but good if you start with the basic kit to see how you want. The Konad Stamping Nail Art Kit includes a gasket rubber scraper, two image plates (7 designs on each plate), and red nail polish blue and white. Nail polish can be mixed to create other colors.

Konad'se easy application makes it attractive to beginners and nails Technical wanting simple, fun and detailed plans of nails. We all have a good hand to do nails. When we apply varnish Nail the other hand, it can be difficult and frustrating. Since Konad applied with rubber stamps, it is easy to use regardless of the hand you use.

Stamping Nail Art Konad allows drawings are beautiful nails and complex as a fraction of nail salons. The basic kit costs less than Konad two visits nail salon. complex designs are particularly popular pedicure. The good thing is that only the toes should be luxury pedicure look away. His nails big toe is the highest of giving more space to be creative. It also provides an opportunity to show off your toes when wearing sandals. Konad can also be used in mobile phones and sunglasses.

In general, Konad looks like a very good product. Honestly I can not wait to start too. I did some nail art in the past, but at a very basic level. It was too frustrating and too long to do anything thing. If I wanted something fancy, I would go to the nail salon. Even then, it could not be too enthusiastic about nail salons often head nails for each design you want. With Konad, you can experiment with many designs except that in a nail without worrying about paying more.

Each product has its drawbacks. I give this product 4 out of 5 only for the following reasons. Until you get the hang of it, you must be sure use the right amount of nail polish to create your label. Otherwise, the joint will be executed when you turn on your nail. Therefore, you must continue to practice to have a good results. There are videos on the use of tube Konad. Other than that, Konad is one of the best Ways to get professional nails at home without being too expensive.

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