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What is the official way to ....?

Two things: First: What is the "official" write the letter a. Yes the first letter of the alphabet, and I am confused. Is this the way such policies as the "official"? Or is it the way .. where as an "o" with a tail of the "official"? Or are they both? Or not? TWO: The same for the word "gray." I see that AS is a synonym for "Grey" and "gray", but there is a "right" way?

When he wrote the letter "a" is written as an "o" with a tail. Usually specify the color gray with an "e" I saw him writing with an "A" only when the gray surname. I just checked the dictionary and said that gray is the spelling in the UK and gray is the American word.

Graphology at home 14 a lesson - How do you assess the alphabet

• Each of the previous letters has something different shape and thus on the interpretation to him. Often, the meaning can be derived from several different letters in writing a person. This because the same characteristic form can appear in different letters. The reader should be able to discern the meaning a letter with just how it should be adapted fr.

Here are two examples of how it works:

• Consider the letter A. This letter has two factors of concern. It is a capital and is very thin. The letter of capital reflects the ego of the writer, and because "cleared" we're shy. The same interpretation can be said, for example, a capital H It also implies capitalization that the writer is shy.

• Picture in lowercase, the bottom is oval and the words are open. Therefore, the rule applies here is applicable to any letter oval with an open bottom - perhaps the letter O.

• The letters A and O are letters from the middle of the area but the upper and the lower zone also fall into this category, provided they have round parts in the area media, for example, the letter D.

• Once you understand the principles, should be easy to interpret all the possible variations of shapes of letters.

• What writing is really looking in the analysis of the writing are the personality traits of the writer. A personality trait is generally composed of several different factors. For example, if the writing reveals a lack of self control, passion, impulsiveness and violence, writing to summarize the personality traits as anger. In case of self-control, passion and violence are present, without impulsiveness, temperament always be indicated, but if the violence were the missing element, writing hesitate to say at full speed as the writer has a bad character. Could be admitted, however, that the possibility exists temperament.

• A similar situation exists in the interpretation of the song. Before writing weighs the form of a letter overall analysis, which seeks consistency. In other words, you should find just as often in the writing to be significant before it understand its significance in the overall analysis. This is the usual rule of thumb: If all the major elements are present, we say that the trait personality most certainly exists. If all elements except one are important, there is a strong possibility that the personality trait exists. If only one principal component is, the writer has a tendency to relate.

• The small letters minimum (ie letters East area) show the concentration, frugal, and male workers. Small and carefully executed letters minimum have been in the writing class researchers world, teachers, scientists and thinkers, is kept in strict self-control to be able to achieve what we do (Nietzsche, Einstein). However, it should be noted that the temporary feelings of inferiority and depression are also expressed in lowercase letters minimum.

• A letter can not be tall or short or deep, but narrow or wide, can be developed, extending to the left or right tends address, or decrease From these addresses, but can also be extended to a reasonable extent, or at the expense of its neighbors.

• To judge, for example, the width of a handwritten letter from a person one must know the models of calligraphy in support of this writing. In these models Palmer Lyrics as e, i, o, a, s are supposed to be higher than broad, m, n, w wider than tall. Only deviations from these standards may be considered "large" or "too large", "close" or "too close".

• The full menu, the letter takes more than their "assigned" space as it moves to the right, is typical of the spontaneity, open-minded, and "great" writer, who is sociable and friendly, eager to share with you and ready to share him, is "outgoing". But if the letter is "too broad, so it seems to spread and deployment, by so say, at our expense, the writer is angry, insolent, or simply an intruder.

• The letter about the letter has yielded some their "assigned" space, is characteristic of the inhibited, anxious, narrow-mindedness, economic writer, who is sociable, willing to share with you, or you wish to share with him is "introverted". But if the letter is "very close, our object is shy, his imprisonment, suspicious, and avaricious. A close initial letter of a word betrays including socially shy.

• It Letters are often seen close spaced or wide letters that follow closely. Clearly, this is a coincidence of two contradictory trends: the letters reveal a closely spaced whose sympathy and generosity are simulated or forced upon him by circumstances. letters close presage broader liberal and sympathetic person who simulates the worker and targeted economic voluntarily or by circumstances.

• The letters between the first and last letter, the body of the word, so to speak, are thought processes that led the author from a intention of reaching a decision, act. A letter is clear, well provided last indicates a clear decision and reliable, an unreadable, neglected or omitted the last letter is a warning. An unusually high last letter is characteristic of the person who not only an opinion, but insists on this point because it has character, or because he is arrogant, dogmatic.

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