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Is it possible that I can do a satin fabric look, if not already done?

For me personally, I found a dress for dancing and beautiful! But the radius of the tissue is 90% and 10% Lycra. In the box that causes the tissue are quite boring and swimwear. So I wonder if I should buy Dress well, if there is a way to make it look more like satin, can be washed or something to a place that can stain clothes? I'll attach the link to the image: 316520572.jpg <"Before <Http: / / = / _img/PRODUCTS/500/PromGirl-316520310.jpg - Thanks again so much for your time. <3

No. Satin is a fabric with the son of long floats on the surface of the fabric (which is also why drawbacks easily and is resistant to abrasion). It looks different armor and different properties, and can not make an appearance in another with dye or surface finish.

cocktail dresses Add more elegance to your staff

cocktail dresses were a major dresses in the closet a daughter. With the change in time and style, the designers come with new designs and the idea of giving unique look to the dress.

Once you decide what type of dress to wear that can make you more attractive. When it comes to going to parties or clubs, girls often become confused in selection of party dresses. Thank you designers who have sketched some remarkable drawings for cocktail dresses or disco. Earlier the girls used to excite each time had any type of party. They had their lockers right decisions prom dresses. Today, designers are giving new life to classic clubs or cocktail dresses. Use the appropriate color and fabric, they provide a more sophisticated party dresses.

Clothing can make a girl to feel proud of her beauty or make you feel nervous at a party. In order to remove the inhibition to take a look at a beautiful girl, designers try develop different from traditional black cocktail dresses. Try clubbing or party dresses color other than black can take you to the party. Even go to other tissues such as vinyl and lycra dress can also be an option for a change. As lycra cocktail dresses are light and hugs the body perfectly, and shows the contours body, can also freedom of movement.

You can choose colors like turquoise, pink, lavender, or any other color of light that will respect feel younger. You can also put on accessories like necklaces and earrings that can go well with your dress. Paired with the perfect shoe, you look at your best.

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