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Is there any way that I can have a party at the Hard Rock for a low price?

I want to have cheap Sweet 16 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, not a huge party... Maybe about 15 to 20 friends. Is there any way I can make that possible? Other party ideas will also be appreciated 🙂

Hotel Spa Party
Reserve a suite at a nearby hotel. Allow your daughter to invite some of her closest friends. Tell all of her friends to bring a bottle of nail polish, favorite lotion, comfortable clothes and a swimming suit (if the hotel offers a pool or hot tub). Before the party begins, decorate the suite to look like a spa with some chairs and tables with a nail painting station, hair styling and facials. Play relaxing music in the background. During the spa "makeovers," assign somebody to take before and after photos. Later on, allow everyone to relax in the pool or hot tub. Hand out gift bags that include each individual's before and after photo, nail polish, bath bubbles and a loofah.

50's Sock Hop
Rent out the school's gymnasium or a conference room at a hotel. Decorate the gym or room with 50s-inspired accessories, such as an old jukebox, dice and cutouts of famous individuals. Design a dinner menu to include old-fashioned hamburgers, hot dogs and milkshakes. Hire waitresses and waiters to roll out in roller skates. Ask guests to come dressed in poodle skirts, white t-shirts with jeans and leather jackets. Hire a DJ to play 1950s music (such as Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino). Organize a dance contest for couples with the best moves and end the night with some colorful balloons dropping from the ceiling.

Karaoke Idol Sleepover
Use a large rec room or rent a community building space for an evening. Ask guests to bring sleeping bags, pillows, a performance outfit and a few of their favorite songs on CD. Bring a karaoke machine or hire a karaoke DJ. Allow groups or individuals to perform their favorite songs. While the performances are going on, assign somebody to video record the entire show. At the end of each performance, set it up "American Idol 'style and let the performances be judged. Let the party attendees vote for their top two or three performers to sing one more time to choose the "Karaoke Idol." If there is still time, play the video back for the guests to watch as they turn in for the night. As a party favor, burn a copy of the DVD with the performances for all of the guests.

Connect your player with an iPod: Busting a greater cold-O-Meter

The eleventh day of January 2005, the iPod shuffle was released on the market. IPod shuffle is the latest addition to the stable of thoroughbreds of the line iPod. This digital audio player made by Apple Computer. It was launched with slogan "Life" chance. Unlike other iPods, the shuffle is the first to use flash memory instead of a hard drive and weighs that 22 grams or 78 ounces. A new innovation that made the iPod more versatile and affordable.

There are two models available for the iPod shuffle. You can get the 512MB and 1GB models. He plays all the songs stored in a random order, thus the name shuffle. Many iPod users have always how you been to the iPod Shuffle made you decide to manufacture the iPod shuffle, which is cost effective fashion and eliminates the need to program the songs to play. Use Autofill in iTunes, it plays the song and to select at random and can store up to 240 songs.

The iPod shuffle does not have the usual functions of a regular iPod does, and how to display the scroll wheel, functions playlist management, address book, games, calendar, notes and ability, not meant to be used with iSync. Another thing to note is not capable of playing Apple Lossless and AIFF audio. On the positive side, the iPod shuffle is the best sound quality, with in addition to hearing that most iPods. The sad thing is that it has no screen, no equalizer and a low transfer speed.

With over 400 songs a small audio device, you can have a virtual jukebox on your home, office or car. That's the beauty of the iPod, you can have your music anywhere you are. Now imagine you, your car and the long road. Connecting your iPod shuffle with a trip to provide many hours of good fun music.

Any unit of time can become a concert of music with the iPod shuffle. All you need is a connection iPod shuffle to connect to your system receiver. This includes an adapter that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPod and the other end, there is a cassette adapter can be plugged into the slot cassette of your car stereo system.

This and other accessories for the iPod can make your iPod shuffle very adaptable to different situations. There are many automakers saw the great influence that the iPod shuffle and its great popularity. Many have car stereo systems have a list built as part of the iPod. Whatever you do is connect your iPod and you're ready to go. You'll never see a trip car in the same way.

The advantages are many, you have good music in the order. You and you get good music in random sequence This means that you do not hear the same songs again and again and eliminates the need to look down and play with iPod while driving. The iPod shuffle gives you music in random succession which means you do not look down while driving. You get different music every time you turn the iPod shuffle.

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