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Machine Alpha

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ATOM season 3 is not?

Hello, my adolescent regarder''les machines cartoon Alpha''saisons 2 and ... an episode as the last''...'' unfinished So I wanted to ask is that season 3 or will ever come? Thanks

I think it will come in 2009.

The power of the mind is a wonderful thing, and wonder is an appropriate term to describe, because even today, science and medicine has barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of the mind. Of course, we discover new things about the spirit on a daily basis, but there are many other areas that have no idea. Over 70% of the territory of the mind is unknown and no vessels have always not to bring our scientific tools for bringing these strange and wonderful lands in the brain.

Although plague in the context of reality known, the brain is the real space and the last frontier to know the reason for human existence. Just because we can not know if we use those parts of the brain that seem to appear inert, does not mean that somehow they are used on a daily basis. One of advanced industry and science itself is subliminal, technology, and provides adoption information directly into the subconscious so that greatest effect can be removed from these instructions very subliminal. One of the fabrics of this technology, of course, subliminal learning, which is the activation of the mind to be a knowledge machine. You can become a veritable library of information, almost never forget they learn and absorb information in its memory banks.

Subliminal learning not only help you learn even when sleeping, not only stops on the retention of memory. Because information is connected very active in the subconscious, what you get is a situation that allows you to implement and practice this information anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it becomes a kind of dynamic, so it seems that you are always filled with all sorts of information at any time of day. You can train your brain to do what kind of learning with subliminal technology and the good news is that it only takes a little time each day to do so. The cumulative effect when you finally cast your brain into a machine learning is brilliant. You become an information retention and application of the machine, without even knowledge.

You will learn even when you sleep, which means they can not miss a beat when it comes to tests and exams. This application has been widespread for personal, social and professional imagine the border will have on their colleagues and competitors, with the talent of this type. And all you need do is listen to some subliminal CD that will train your subconscious to be aware of that. The capacity is already each of us, man, woman and child and is only up to a catalyst for unleashing the talent and become a student subliminal beyond any measure. With this, the world is your oyster.

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