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How to pay by Egypt arms, she told me of the Soviet Union?

Therefore, Egypt has been totally and completely assembled by the Russians. Egypt has not had his made-Egyptian own tanks, planes, trucks, guns, cannons and mortars. Egypt even cartridges for Kalashnikov machine guns. Everyone, even the last ball has been handed over to Egypt by the USSR. But the cost billions and billions of dollars. Egypt How to pay for them? Or not?

"Mainly for cotton and vegetable costs, and also pharmaceuticals and cosmetics" Our short-brain friend Zoser II has serious problems, it is very mathematical, or have to for idiots who can not add 2 and 2. A ton of Egyptian cotton long staple Giza 60 cost in the U.S. around $ 2000 the annual production of the staple Egyptian cotton throughout the summer 60 300000 tonnes. Of course, Egypt has not sold all of its cotton abroad, and of course, the USSR was not the only customer was Egypt. But suppose that Egypt has sold all the 300,000 tons of cotton to the USSR. 300,000 tons x $ 2,000 / ton = $ 600,000,000. $ 600 million is all that Egypt could achieve all of its cotton. A Soviet tank T-55 even by the very Soviet low prices, a cost of $ 150,000. Egypt had 2,000 of these tanks. The total cost to Egypt should be 300 million dollars a MiG-19 cost about 10 million. Egypt had 300 of the GRI. The total cost to Egypt should be 3 billion dollars. pistols, rifles, bandages, cartridges, bombs, shells, rockets, aircraft, submarines, warships ... it another 4 billion dollars (must have cost at least 2 times the bet you are). In total, approximately 8 billion dollars. plus interest, of course. This is what Egypt had to pay to the Soviet Union for technical and military equipment has been in the 60s. Stories about how Egypt has made to the USSR, while the third largest exporter of cotton, cotton with its ridiculous. The USSR accepted the Egyptian cotton, because Egypt had nothing to pay. Thus, the story of how Egypt delivered to the USSR with the cotton does not fly. But how will you pay? Quite simply, Egypt has not paid. Although weapons provided to prices in exchange for cotton, and long-term money cheap credit, the debt of Egypt to the Soviet Union was estimated at 11 billion U.S. dollars in 1977 (AP (February 11, 2003). Then the USSR collapsed, and the new Russian government has canceled most of Egyptian debt. On the other hand, Syria has been even more debt to the Russians as Egypt. In the winter of 2005, Syria's debt to military shipments between 1955 and 1989 of $ 13.4 million was reduced to $ 3.6 million. Edit: Loser II, in case you have not understood your brain slow Egyptian author of the question clearly indicates that Egypt and Israel received military aid, with the only difference is that Israel has paid for it and you do not. differrent other is that Israel had its own tanks, planes, weapons, while you, with their Syrian friends, lived alone what the Russians have sent to you. This means that Israel can not survive and fight successfully without American military aid, while without the aid must learn to fight sticks and clubs, as their distant ancestors of the caves. So stop mourn over how Israel, armed to the teeth by the United States has won the war in defense "and" without arms "in Egypt, which were better armed Israelis, not bad, but Israel fantastic.

Adding tape â € "a very costly and unnecessary dependency

Paper establishment mechanical adding machine tape corporate offices with high prices of personal computers are not normally considered excessive spending. In fact, my experience is that Mechanical machines are considered by companies as a necessity. Nothing, in my opinion, could be further from the truth each account. The old, mechanical dinosaurs actually can be a costly and unnecessary dependence on what is a cheaper alternative.


My hypothesis is that the mechanical machines to add paper tape or print calculators are no longer viable material office when they are sitting next to personal computers. Paper and pencil leaves almost disappeared shortly after the arrival of the computer staff. This migration to the spreadsheet software was considered a spreadsheet very sensitive e provide much more functionality in very easy to use format.

A similar migration, in my opinion, it is time to strip freesheet paper adding machine. With the availability of the computing machine with many functions that programs myOwn10 keywords that no longer makes sense to continue to use the expensive have mechanical private. The addition of electronic machines, such as spreadsheets, offers more features in a very easy to use format. bands e also contribute significantly to the bottom line compared to the printing of the old calculators.

Factor Analysis

To test my hypothesis, I made an ROI analysis to convert myOwn10 key for United Parcel Service. Why Brown? Due the UPS website shows very detailed technical information for the company. The number needed is an account of personal computers in use UPS. In From the Sunday, August 5, 2007, the number of LAN workstations are in use at UPS listed on their website to 149.000. This was the starting point for my calculations.

The assumptions and other necessary to complete the analysis. I tried to be on the conservative side of all these factors.

* Percentage of computers with personal printing calculator sitting next to him â € | 30%.

* The price of rolls of paper â € | $ 8.48 / 12 pk.

* How often a new paper roll is installed in each calculator print â € | every 2 months (6 / year).

* Prices of Printer cartridges EA â € | $ 3.00

* How many printer cartridges Many are consumed in each simulator printing â € | 1 / year.

* The percentage of printing calculators replaced a year â € | 10%

The cost of purchasing paper tape mechanical adding machines for new employees are not considered in analysis. Also not included in the cost of additional power required to operate mechanical devices to add.

Annual cost Dinosaurs

For this analysis, I created an ROI analysis with step myOwn10-Key. You can read the full analysis in a new stage browser window or tab, click the link œView € â € phases in the field of resources at the end of this article. I encourage you to click on this link now you can follow along the step.

The stage estimated annual maintenance costs of an estimated mechanical adding machines, first seen in line 4. As seen in the first part of the stage (lines 1 to 33), the cost annual maintenance printing calculators, that is, in my opinion, is revealed as something very trivial. In line 33, we see that the cost annual maintenance of all mechanical machines add ribbons on tables with personal computers is a bit less than $ 550,000.

The question is what would happen if these outdated dinosaurs were replaced by a computer program to calculate fully offered as myOwn10 key? The remaining responses stage of the ROI analysis involved.

Cost of conversion to myOwn10 key

On lines 35 to 50 of stage one estimate is calculated for a site license for myOwn10-Key. I based this calculation on my plan of 60-40 which is available for large corporate clients. Under this plan, the price is based on 60% of the population of personal computers under license. A discount of 40% applies. The site license is then issued by 100% of the population under study PC.

For this analysis, Iâ € ™ m assuming that UPS wanted an operating license for personal computers in which a companion machine mechanical addition is replaced by myOwn10-Key. Business PCs that do not have a printing calculator partner who is not included in the license.

As shown in line 48 ROI stage, making e-tapes myOwn10 key has a very attractive price a little time for $ 320,000. Paybacks investment equivalent to about 7 months. This analysis shows that savings to be derived from the conversion to myOwn10 key can be considerable. Remember, these figures are based on careful analysis of the factors. Actual savings could be much more. The annual amounts falling directly on the line base.

* The savings the first year â € | $ 226,093.

* A minimum savings each year from â € | $ 547,128.

In addition to these savings in dollars, there are also benefits for the environment. Do not buy the paper tape and tape in cartons means less pressure on our forests. And do not throw the broken machines and exhausted the tape cartridges under non-degradable plastics in our landfills.

Make your own analysis

These savings potentially important addition to environmental benefits of converting paper pulp Ribbon mechanical adding machines myOwn10-Key are available for any large corporation. For what type of savings your company can do, Download the ROI analysis step myOwn10-Key (link below) and connect their own values on the strip below the line. (The plan calls for 60-40 people at PC least several hundred. There is a different discount schedule for small populations.)

€ 2 a population "Total PC

3 â € "a percentage of your PC with printing calculators sitting next to them

7 â € "price to pay for each Pack paper roll 12

€ 13 number "rolls through simulator consumes annually

19 â € "Average tape cartridges installed on each simulator each year

€ 20 "The price you pay for each printer cartridge

25 â € "Estimate the percentage of their calculators that are replaced each year

€ 26 an "estimated cost paid by new Calculators Printers

When one of the above values are changed to the scene, the stage set recalculated. The lines to the stage shown in blue and green (when the stadium opens myOwn10 keywords) are Master / values. These lines are connected in cascade so that the subtotals for the following update sections on the scene.

(If you do not have a copy of myOwn10 key, download a copy of my site. You can use the free program in evaluation mode for 30 days).


In my opinion, the dependence of paper tape mechanical adding machines are expensive, outdated. Migrating the software for the machine with electronic adding machine, as myOwn10-Key, excellent business sense, both the cost and environmental perspectives. I think ITA € ™ s the time of dinosaurs mechanical bands pulp has been lost in the Journal of same evening and leaves pencil disappeared 30 years ago.

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George Gilbert writes software for personal computers.
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