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Epson stylus pro 3800. Ink is not working?

I have changed all the inks and the small dialogue box which opens to show the content of the ink cartridges recognises my cartridges are all full . However , upon printing the Magenta cartrige doesnt seem to fire any ink . i have tried realigning print heads, cleaning heads etc . when i print test page the red is always missing. no other colour is in its place. just blank .. any ideas, hints or tips please

It is highly likely that the print head is blocked.
Epson are fabulous printers and they are very cost effective in ink BUT they usually have the print heads built into the machine.

I would suggest purchasing head-unblocking solution (ebay would be cheapest route).
The cleaning procedure involves removing all of the ink cartridges and by using a syringe, the solution is injected through the top of the print head where the cartridges usually sit.
After a short time soaking in the solution, the solution is usually instrumental in cleaning heavilly clogged heads.

Nice printer by the way!
Good luck!


You could try repeatedly doing the built in cleaning cycle via your pc but if it fails, here is an example of cleaning solution that I have effectively unblocked several dried up print heads with (ebay UK)..

IBM 1332 toner cartridge - A Wonderful TonerThat create a professional impression

Applications that understands the dynamics and viability of the InfoPrint IBM 1332 is without competition. Overcoming all the requirements of modern production machine comes through all the criteria in terms of merit. Provide stellar impressions consistent and accurate, this printer is an expert in the multi-use office, regardless of workload.

If you want a printer that will give you great versatility and is one of the best on the market. Search the purchase of the printer. A new product that has been on the market IBM, and is a great printer.

Able to accelerate productivity in the office or at home. You will be able to run this printer on multiple operating systems as well. With high speed printing that will make those big jobs done at an early date. Besides the launch of the IBM Infoprint 1332 is very simple.

Production very soon the sound of the IBM InfoPrint 1332 printer is wonderful. It will not a distraction when someone is printing a big project. With shelves that can hold a large amount of paper that will not fill continuous paper trays when the print job has more.

An excellent option for those you looking to buy a printer for your home or office incorporating a small business. IBM comes out with another great product that will help your personnel office to complete their work as soon as possible.

This printer is an excellent idea, not only for business, large or small. But it can be used in a home office too easily. Another product that has been submitted by IBM to help the office staff and productive work.

IBM Infoprint 1332 printer toner cartridge can be used by the printer. This cartridge generates the majority of professional prints for any company, business or personal. He established single stream of immediate appeal to the audience.

Finally, check the printer for a home office or business. As you can easily use the operating system many of them with easy installation, you'll find that you'll love this printer. A printer produced by IBM and other great printer for them. Use and know you have a very good product.

In collaboration with the IBM Infoprint 1332 printer toner runs a strange ability to produce some of the sweetest crisp print quality on the market. The level of detail and impressive print speeds are incomparable and demonstrate why IBM Infoprint 1332 is an incredible selection of all the offices instead of encouraging employees and owners.

With an easy to use, allows IBM InfoPrint 1332 printing a simple to use and very effective. Join the wishes of any user, the InfoPrint 1332 IBM has a very minimal learning curve and a piece of cake to use all the learning techniques. So simple and effortless that the functions the machine is the use and disposal of the IBM InfoPrint 1332 Toner.

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