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Odalis Method Amelia. Cap 1

The method of Odalis Amelia
For edrapecor, 07 April 2006 08:23
Genre Fiction.
Odalis Amelia continued. A love ridiculous.
For edrapecor

In the future most likely very close .......

Palacios has increased with a bad taste in the mouth. He slept More Than hurt. He walked with a painful and went straight to his battered refrigerator. Discovery of a Coca-Cola light and began his string of systematic pills to swallow: Enalapril, aspirin, atorvastatin, vitamin E, fish oil, of vitamin C, B complex, ginseng, Trental, Raditidina, Pankreom, Prostagen and Pharmaton. The arrows indicate that retirement in the Channel has him quickly.
Beginning a shock as I finished. Shutdown work was worse than death. Are you facing a terrible loneliness and live through sleepless nights watching movies bad on TV.
Dressed in the same tired and under the stairs. The elevator was broken. A building as old as. Reached the park and in the middle of the large number of mobile devices, has not been the Suzuki Firenza wagon TDI common rail. Allocations department. A message to the news that the compensation was to come. Also to compensate for the loss of Pontiac Parisienne TD. Silently he saw the light scratches on the Bell. Damn! --- Fat was written in anger.
Parker nodded. Was introduced in the car and start the car.
- Synchronous - between teeth with disdain.
Certainly I did not like new cars, while putting violent change. With controlled anger led to the police station. Down the vehicle, but noted that all cadets last knew of his arrival. Has been avoided by the absolute totality members present.
He went to his office.
- Â A Palacios - back when he heard the voice calling with a tone of authority, but resembled fear .-- Come to my office immediately.
Palacios's not new and is slow
Introduced in the office. The commander said the president. Palacios as he sat on a frown.
- A bulldog --- thought before attacking commander, seeing his subordinate, who drank coffee once served .-- assistant
--- We will send you your retirement, "said Cmdr .--. The report said that these doctors exhausted. I do not Like You and your blood sugar in the blood in the blood of 15-10 voltage is low. Must rest. Go to the beach. Or visit her son in Mexico. You should check if there is something that can not handle. You leave your car and your pension will be medical. O is 100% of their salary.
- Not even an administration as for me?.
- My own. This means that the fresh meat. I also leave soon - the commander of the board.

Palacios went off without a goodbye. Was dead. Finish. Dying .. The police had been his life. More of her marriage. More of his son. Often coolly emotional farewell, which paved the way for the promotion. Now he is coming down the stairs. I did not experience this humiliation. Then he went at full speed if an investigation. At full speed, fled to the police station. Random in the streets, until fuel.
He went to service stations and refueling of the light of biodiesel. He saw the newspaper distributor and bought the Latin American revolutionary. Home was a photo of a young couple and the legend says. Young hit the first co-operators of the lottery award Farmer. 1200000 dollars in tax-free. He took the newspaper and threw it on the seat. Puff the Peoples Park and sat on a bench. She saw teenagers running into scooters. Others lay on the grass and then they embraced. Felt on place. He saw the cars parked. Nothing. Neither delivered a flavor all their savings in Pontiac Parisienne.Con he sold one.
Read more in the document:
After many years are restored to the rule of the earth. Another said. Free Trade Agreement between Cuba and the United States. It consists of the republics MERCOSUR: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, today is a federal state with a single currency, army, federal police, federal taxes, etc., etc. .. In the regional assistance program include soft drugs and alcohol anesteciantes ... Young couple hit He looked first prize for better cooperation .. face .. It was a resemblance. It memory. Nothing. I do not know. But the name of it struck. Amelia Odalis Villaqueran ....

Twenty years before Martin and Luis Palacios Villaqueran two young policemen were twenty-four. Proud of their blue uniforms patrol streets jagged black and poor neighborhoods in bright blue Dodge Aspen. To check the licensing of thieves terrible prevent the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages to help the elderly people, in order. Whenever I stopped at a vendor for several informal and undocumented, who sold cigarettes smuggling. Ecuador was a little mad that I had more Villaqueran. He began to stop their deportation. After stopping for lovers. After posting that she was pregnant and that you have documents. Until the eve of Christmas. The two workers were conducting a patrol neighborhood. See the discussion in the middle of the street. Before turning white lights and refused to separate the pretenders. Concialidor Villaqueran advanced to the group. He saw the lightning. He felt a pain in the clavicle. His instinct is tamed and made to be hidden in the police car. From there There was a group of fleeing everywhere .... Then came his days in the hospital. Nobody says anything. The reports were very clean. While the possibility of entering under investigation. But in the back of his mind was the image of Villaqueran fall again and again by the impact of the shooting.

He returned reality. He saw the giant plasma flat-screen liquid crystal released a flood of news. In fact, he was the only one who saw. A BBC broadcast special images of the federal police Augusta Mangusta Mexico along the old MI-24 of the Panama National Guard, which fought fiercely against the gang who had stormed the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa. The journalist beautiful helmet and bulletproof vest, a voice that explains the fighting, while behind her an Augusta Mangusta has exploded in the air, blown by an Exocet, made the way the subject pandilleros.Despues to another theme of wild garden Reunion again sang their songs and live concerts showed how the group of the village square in Pyongyang
It & # 039; fair pointless
only in this sense of completion
and in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I & # 039, I'm Search
I think I found my way home
I know this may seem
a little crazy, but I think
] [Chorus
A thousand angels dance around
I am complete now that I found

Palacios was the penalty and went to the truck.
- Life Puerca - Bright said the vehicle .. He touched the heart and noted with satisfaction that he was fine.
Handle Avenue calmer Hillary Clinton. After crossing the viaduct Ernesto Che Guevara came to residential and Mao Tse-tung and the construction of George Bush. Decrease awareness of your vehicle and find an insult that led to near his vehicle, went to his apartment, insufacto took a dose of 25 mg valium fell into a deep sleep. Los Andes fell asleep mid-morning it was just that he was only 50 and went beyond nineties ..

Odalis Amelia woke up with a huge smile. He had bought the Bank of the proletariat cooperative Treasury U.S. with a value of $ 1,100,000. Except for $ 100,000 and bought a package of full insurance Ford Endeavor 4x4 TDI and goods at home more: New refrigerator. Freezers, stoves, air conditioners, mixer, mp3, TV, telephone. Clothing .. Given everything. Left Julyus debut new uniform from head to foot and finally arrived at the cooperative cool as a cucumber, which will premiere van magnificent Imperial. Everything should be the method. Bath and makeup is a piece of paper stuck in the ice, said that half of its monthly interest of 3.3% most of his salary. However further work of the cooperative. Julyus wanted to develop her work recently found in the proposed new aircraft plant that the revolutionary government with Boeing and other partners built today. So I decided to fill the other part of his dream of a load of children.
He walked a different pace in the hallway of the building and saw the building opposite. He laughed openly. Go there is no advertising. an ad that said: This sin is to eat slowly, and then goes mad.
Odalis resolutely introduced its new truck in the river Marco Polo buses, Hino, Ashok Leyland, crammed into all sorts of uniforms and enveloped in smoke that finished rickety vehicles the complete collapse of the highway and the trash hole.

He came to the cooperative and sat on his cubicuelo, wrapped in a sea of hugs and congratulations. Offers rained all day. For the first time in a while Odalis Amelia actively addressed their tasks.
A message is received:
- What is the most beautiful woman in the world - said the Messenger --- Knowing that paradise is deposited in the bank.
- I feel that my partner must demonstrate more love - I answer in the middle of a smile Give --- I am now a big attraction.
On the phone began to hear the song of Emmanuel
- I will always be that the shoe is tied
taste that sticks to the lips ..
the night will make you see asleep in my skin chamomile ..
dock and swimming in the sea of your .......
one side and make you my wife.
ask a saint.
------------------------ Feel alive.
Search for new land in the area ....
sunflowers grew twenty ..
in the abdomen and I had my reasons .....
feel alive feel alive .... ..........

Then he played the old song by Billy Paul .. I'm a Mrs. Jones.
Odalis Amelia two hum quietly nodded in unison. I happy, while Sin Chew mango jam chocolate filling.
Check the rest decided to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in the new Indian mall. A estrenarÃa luxury.
- What if you're divine! - The voice whispered behind her back. John Locke was the regular dance imaginary path while playing his ass. some things never change.
Road under the midday sun. She saw before her Cristina. The girl was the guy who sells hot dogs.
- Cristina Fri - Fri me. cleaning floors came with a beautiful smile.
- Congratulations! .. Lady. Â The.
- When the pressure Odalis .-- Amelia - Come with me at noon. I ask.
Entrance to the luxury shopping center. The restaurant was small and obviously very expensive. Only those well-dressed and other with the unique business management were standardized.
The doorman saw the arch of his eyebrows.
- Book of Acts?.
- No, we only want be in the public domain. If you can.
- Master Visa Gold and Platinum single.
- I Platinium president.
The man immediately change of attitude and invited to enter.
--- Since its opening I wanted to eat here - the other says that the place looked timidly.
- Through a small middle class - The other replied, regretting his work uniform.
- Then came the moment when a uniform cooperative tartar come here.
- Yes Mr. - said Cristina - Even Mr. Ennio Maria Teresa can not eat here. Acceptance of the receipt of green tea.
It was very fun to be hypnotized by the Vietnamese-fusion Indian food. Later discovered that the restaurant was very expensive. Only for the elite and members of the nomenclature.
Upon returning to work had to be diverted, as a powerful sign of less than 10 years has required the departure of the troops in fifth Brazilian the war between African countries. After the petitions on applications to study and live without working. Riot police are not sufficient to control incredible violence.
The girls were forced to run all the way to escape the tear gas and currency ... People say and what is just, best captured the spirit of hard work ...
When you're sitting at your cubicuelo past, Odalis Amelia realized that his new yet or had just entered in your life. He had to go in his van.
  Who cares - he told his HP - n © fatten me then.
In the late afternoon and return home still hear sporadic bursts of machine gun fire were visible and the columns of fire that consumed the building.

The Volkswagen Phaeton V-8 Limousine bitdmfi teptronic common rail, traveling at 220 kilometers per hour on the straight infinite D Silva Lula to the highway from Rio Branco to Leticia. I came in fact Cordoba Sucre, Trinidad and ending in Leticia. From there take a flight to Iquitos. Could meet his contact arrived on a flight from of a private home 295 of North Korea. By Leticia and find the dirt road to Caracas.
- Poor boy! Rein - ironically the man said, "thundered while listening to MP3 Lavaigne April - What makes money. He also made fun of him. Take a few days of driving and many more missing. Left of the forestry and is now moving in an infinite plane and side by side. Fortunately, the autopilot is easier to work, but the vehicle had to take this on the back. With a yawn, remembering a few days before the launch of a ground in the eyes of Cuban G-2 agents of the CIA and the Chilean police tried to stop on the outskirts of Oruro. But I had many years in this position and was considered the best. A few hours after the efforts remarkable to stay awake. The glossy ad service station told him to stop POS and giant illuminated scroll of Dunkin Donuts which is almost a car. Coffee and hot turkey sandwiches Sat exterior.La the table in the evening breeze from hair. He opened his laptop. No message. 2:25 in the midst of this loneliness. Tractor Mitsubishi truck brake FV Rebet slowly. From your table saw dirty dishes. He arrived from Costa Rica. What if you were not at their base. It was a comfort. Pats his Glock in his disgust with a cartridge Volkswagen has seen the earth and completely filled. For what counts. It was stolen in Cordoba, since the rolled plates and Suriname for America.
Finishing his second sandwich Tucson Hiundai TDI was the Federal Police to stop. He lost two of the federal police. who went to see the Volkswagen. A man looked up and said vehicle with a smile and nodded. The men went to the team since the beginning of Hinduay check. The are not immutable. They nothing found. There was a new birth of a limo. After the police saw the car enter the tractor and the pump automatically BET. Something told him that everything was not perfect. He saw the shootout. He saw the policemen killed. I knew that the security cameras ever filmed. The bad thing was some thing to witness and see the security cameras. Could not go to the police or visit. Volkswagen was the case, then I thought fast. N trucker killing police officers. Much less a thief truck. Pay was better. Both men have tried to succeed. I saw the blow and fell as. The other tried to escape to start the vehicle. He has been at the center of the head. After opening the bag. Took a provider of anti-tank grenades. A shot against the premises. After turning the gas pump. He saw the explosions and climbs into the truck returned. He regretted the automatic power too. But this is not the slightest trace .. four bodies, a limo on fire, two local machines destroyed a police car to the left ... also destroyed.
The advantage is that the road could walk for hours without anyone .. Later inspeccionarÃa load. This is expected to be useful. The curiosity was killing him to see the load.
A few hours later, under a sun that burned in the air, opened the trailer and I saw the boxes. Opened and reviewed the contents of two ... He was laughing. It was worth it.

Mitsubishi Tractor Days after the truck stopped and the center of Leticia. It was recorded and a haven for trucks. He went to the airport, breakfast and opÃparamente After a while, and one of four Havill Iquitos. A flight while upriver. Related to news and read the last few hours ...
S Petrobras merged with Exxon-Mobil, after the Atlantic Ocean and Rio de Janeiro in front of the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world. Development 50,000,000 barrels per day.
2 .- I still get the home of 295 Panavia Tornado aircraft shot down in Peru by the Air Force.
No need to see more of his seat, reserved or new flight from Iquitos, Leticia. They all went to hell.

A few days after a Tatra truck tractor T3B928-10 painted the colors of Paraguay mail was introduced in a rented warehouse in Caracas. Once the driver was a single office building. He had no security guard. The man went to the door and the security alert. The glass door is disappearing into the side wall of the glass. Huge first floor entrance. It was a bare surface. In the midst of an elevator walls transparent. Has been introduced and the elevator which leads directly to the 95th floor. We arrived at the same eclectic, cold and impersonal. Sitting behind a desk in a green transparent, was a middle-aged man, who, with his fingers to see through the eyes of leaders.
In the silence of the man sat down and said, without further delay.
- No more.
- It was bad luck. The Sukhoi RRJ Panavia 90 in search of a passenger crashed.
- The goods have been lost with our contact.
- In fact, it was the goods.
--- A ¿......?
- If my friend. New product knowledge. The money was a fake screen. Marketed extreme level executives have made a mistake .... We do plastic surgery and injectables businesses being destroyed from within. It is always better than 20 years in prison ...
Contact me to bring in Caracas Iquitos by land. Why?
- Despite the slow is safer. It was very bad luck. We had to anticipate the departure of a leader who has sold his Burmese Finnish technological secrets. We will be injected into a ravine and for beer in Chile that the Greeks can be purchased.
Priam rose and received a briefcase Nectarios executive. Also won. The money was fake, as perfect as it is. Its new mission was received. Was to find a new executive to replace the missing. He is a trustee for the agreement Mariachi del Mar. The third largest. importance Mexicans each day more and more in the area of narco-industry. But since the time of sets and watches cars Gold Plated happened. It was the time of investment in Europe and China. Buy stocks, mutual funds, the law of corporate governance. The poster had lost Canadian real $ 2500000 for the service. investigation of insurance. The party was for her a question. Why nectary says something about a counterfeit currency?
Salio, and received the keys to a mercury ls. So I walked in the streets and went to the address indicated by the locator on the dashboard of the car. It was a luxury urbanization. Workers organized ... Â ... Go home and luxury. When suddenly fired alerts. He did not.

Odalis Julyus Amelia exhausted. Julyus was vicious, strong and experienced investigator. They had Made Love furiously under the scorpion and the music of the Berlin Philharmonic. Without protection starting your search for baby. You could buy a clone or a test tube baby. But I preferred the old system. It has been enjoyable.
- See the monkeys in the country - will Julyus told the audience.
- Where? - He asked Odalis fear, remembering his dream.
- In France. Italy Musito .-- A child fascinated by the beauty of sex.
- No - replied the young man even more agitated - You Are too attractive to the Italians. And our Latin American culture is not included there. Do not throw garbage in the street, the tail and not talk on the bus. Imagine that you take your beer and throwing empty cans in the street or in the corner listening to music at full volume ... people are very orderly we are.
- And the legs too good for Europeans, and yet I dare you ..... Do You Choose the exact numbers of the lottery.
- No - the girl had lied to avoid --- has been a source of inspiration.
- There is an urban legend that says there is a method.
Odalis escaped. The method came from a oddly, as the same method.
He doubted that there was someone who possessed such knowledge. If it continues a little longer advanced.
- Â Â eyy .-- Julyus heard the whispers - Is There Anybody There?.
- Sorry my love. For a moment I thought of the thousands of people who bet and lost if we could win.
- Yes, it's true. But we do not feel bad about it. Let's enjoy it.
- Come and enjoy - Setting - thinking and planning what we do. Statistics show that lottery winners to five years are poorer than in the beginning.
- Â Bah. This does not happen to us.

In the rented warehouse, opened Priamo Trailer. Meanwhile, the present calculations. A ticket weighed about 3 grams. The trailer had a capacity of 35,000 kg 35,000,000 grams. Mentally divided, and said he had more or less than 11,666,000 entries. Generally, I knew that the counterfeiters were always half when the tickets have been different. In this case was 200 euros and U.S. $ 100 bills. About a margin of error, approximately $ 583,000,000 and € 1,166,000,000. Check entries. Perfect. original paper, ink, original, the Laser marks the place, michoship original. To take account of a bank. What are the rules?. Very easy, the numbering of the series. hundred miles nonexistent. But who the hell would. years pass ..
Who would be your friend?. More than I wanted. When revised Mitsubishi, he realized he was not original chassis or engine or suspension. It was built using pieces of various trucks, very old. In the case of tie boxes, remove the tractor-trailer and the truck again. It was a task that could not count on anyone. Suddenly, she realized that the truck had no escort. He opened his eyes in horror. The truck was followed by satellite and care. The ships of the truck tractor insurance and freight. Arrive at any time. He took 6 boxes full speed and went through the back door. God wants the chip is not at all those who take. It would used as a safe and seek to eliminate it.
When you arrive at the corner of the back, heard the explosion. Immediately be hidden in the giant trash bin ..
A few hours later, sitting at a table in an empty apartment, a beer Tecate Light, and many euros and dollars. He also managed to play hard. Get the money.

The Society Of America Latin Aviation Join Ventury was a manufacturing aircraft cargo, passengers, officers and combat. The announcements were repeated in the fulfillment and continuous. Priam is very easy to make a program to verify. It was natural that he even consulted, gives a perfect result. Biscuits. Now it was a driver for the company. Thing if it was true, so he was a pilot, but special rates for people reactions, avoidance, and negotiations to release thousands of miles from the law. It would be a disguise and hide.
Driving the Cadillac Escalade 4x4 TDGLP MFI, which leads to one of the managers, who remained buried in the seat between computers and mobile phones. A little stiff, self-sufficient and unbearable. He was examined in the face to be more at ease being interviewed by industry relations.
paw job tires Priamo Dodge Fire Insurance interrupt the path for certain offenders, while thinking he was hired and online, cheated and stolen road truck tractor for the flight to a pilot who was stupid at the far post. If I could have thrown a escupidazo. It arrived at the immaculate barns. A large panel shows digital mobile phone operator ³ n Run Corporation Latin America. When government employees are proletarians and owners. Buy your shares. Partners: Boeing, Aereospaciales, Mikoyan guderich Sumitomo ,...... felt a little cough. He fell immediately and jumped, ceremoniously opened the back door. The other fell without authorization, to quickly integrate a group of Israelis Iran and aeronautical engineers who spoke with animation all set up in society. She saw an ad digital shows a fighter off. The 908 ... Tahirza sign showing numeric. Born here in 10 weeks, 8 days, 4 hours and twelve seconds, eleven, ten, etc.. Model also showed another passenger: helicopters Xixata 408, direction ... I watched the man propaganda. More or less understand everything

That night came on a Star 777 Rosir Mexicana dazzling devil's Jalisco. Caused great Buzz, interviews, sexy pictures, presentations on television, national tour, Caracas, Maracaibo, Cali, Guayaquil, Manaus .. After days left in Cartagena, Aruba, Margarita, and allowed to bathe naked with 18 men have assembled in a row. .

Rosir was completely naked in the middle of the heart-shaped bed. Not as cool nor as beautiful as she appeared television. The effects of alcohol, drugs and men have also left their mark.
- Hello Nectaire - said the thin man with white hair and dressed in black closed while smoking a Cuban black tobacco .--- I have come to know.
- Yes - said the cartel --- The Man Do not worry. Find another direction.
- And the money - He said that the two women pulling gigantic smoke 0, while a lock of hair in red and green - has taken much Working to use printers in North Korea. They like to make money for them.
- There is a small detail - said the man sitting on the edge of the bed and the little finger between the legs --- review of the accident and the Peruvian air force has denied the incident private. They have not Panavia Tornado. Cost much money to leave things as they are.

The almond eyes and eyelashes. Everything else is for himself.
- Poster not playing - announced.
- No key. In any case we do not. Our driver had recruited some of the allocation, another development long term. He was inducted.
- No?.
- Not me.
--- What to do?. You deleted?.
- Sure. This schedule expected. But first I must find the money. I gave him a new assignment. But suddenly became transparent. I find it.
The woman looked the old man said suddenly.
CEME meeting. I want the pain. I know you're an expert.

A few hours later at a Chrysler teptronic GLP MFI V-A-300-TD-10, proposed by the lonely road in the morning. He hurt his hands and feet. But it has fulfilled its task satisfactorily. In short, if someone was in the sane world, please send it. Probably not as crazy as himself. Then play with the sea offer Mariachi was like to dance a bolero hunger Bell.

Palacios came to the tranquility of the defeat. Tirelessly looked History Channel, CNN and Saturday, November. Egocentric thinking which had now lived off the sugar, salt, meat, margarine and mayonnaise, and does could eat certain plants and vegetables, a little more removed and had water.
The door sounded monotonous.
Palacios opened and saw a small figure of the concierge.
- Mr. Palacios. Better go and see it.
Palacios was silent. His calm, low voltage began when he saw the four tires Cooper's truck. His truck was not 2400 miles and it was as dilapidated as pots and parked next to him.
In the same silence went to his apartment.

That night mounted a guard at the small window in the kitchen. Watch your flowers caressing Diana monotonous charge steel shot. Then he saw two guys with a player at full volume. One was mounted on the hood and dance, the other was mounted on the roof and danced wildly. The first impact of steel Balan bottom left of the flamenco dancer. The second blow Balan in the pit of the stomach rapper.
I slept very satisfied after Palacios.

He rose with a very light comedy. The chain of pills do not seem so bitter and demoralizing. He decided to walk. He saw once again sunk into the body again. Tomorrow they will take control of insurance. Malicious damage does are not repeated. Walk on sidewalks. In the distance he saw the Mcdonnal. Why not?. Stress and sugar have been more than good. In addition to eating chicken and hamburgers turkey. He did, ate 3 burgers with hot sauce and jalapeno added ± os in a lot of salt, then took two Diet Pepsi. As I am eating Huequito half a chicken with potatoes Brosto. Arequipa donuts chocolate meringue. Walk two blocks and ate a hot dog giant Polish sausage, continued walk. Â Â bananas, grapes, bananas and 6 also bought two bunches of grapes and ate with relish, and a few blocks ate two loaves of bread and cheese Jamos. It was when I realized that feet sweat elements, it was very hot and Your Heart will start in chest.
- Oh God! - I told the waitress - Please call an emergency ambulance can not breathe and said the shooting scared of Cell youth.

A few hours later, awake. He was attached to numerous tubes.
- Good Luck - said the voice cold and impersonal medical monitors - arrived on time. Presented a police patrol.
- Â Â GB - said at least the voice is tired --- not pass.
Was it a heart attack.
- I assure you, no. It was a severe attack of hypertension. In the case of being disciplined.
- I will not stop Dinner - Palacios said on the defensive.
- Let's see - the doctor answered with a professional smile - the only person there who want to see. I'll pass. Having said that I speak to women who had small microphone near his mouth and almost immediately went into a couple with a very, very athletic clothing daily.
- Daddy - sweet voice greeting - to scare us! Far.
- But the son. How do you know?
- The children and the police called me and gave me asked. Everyone was very nice. I still have two days in British Columbia
- Two days?. He was strong then.
Another challenged the head.
- We need to adjust the bill - said the young man's mouth.
- I promise you - lied palace - When?.
- Tomorrow we'll go from here.

In the morning Parker was released. Added their first injection of insulin and enzymes good result. Not very high. But if there was an event.
- All damage - said the man, embarrassed, so sorry that as a child sitting next to her son while in charge of the great Australian Ford Fairlane V-8 TD-GLP.
- My mother remarried - Said the child with great caution, is not the best news yet, but I have known - is now a professor of art University of Canada.
- Yeah it's always the difference between the two. She is in heaven and I on the seabed.
- Please. You are a very good policy.
- Hypertension, obesity, diabetes and stroke .-- Palacios described regret
- No .-- It was a heart attack, insisted that his son, through the sea of steaming junk trailers
When they reached the building, he realized that the palaces were not Suzuki.
His son contextual.
- And are subject to insurance. Parents of boys were determined to return sent.
The other surprise was when I entered the apartment. Without memories, without the rows of old newspapers or furniture or soda cans thrown where.
- I wrong house? Were you surprised Palacios .--
- Clean somewhat. I will accompany a few days.
- What about your work.
- I'm unemployed. I live on social security.

In Julyus same time was in heaven. He worked in a multidisciplinary team of computer analysis of aerodynamics and endurance building material. It was in the middle of a cyber paradise. 908 Tahirza The game is a clone multi Viggo A-37 bomber. The 408 was a multipurpose cargo Xixata and passengers. It was a clone of a Hercules C-130, but a reaction. The best thing is that there was no substance in the allocation projects. The work was very strong, but the pay and contractual benefits were excellent. All graduation today. And lived at breakneck speed. Odalis Amelia, lottery and its work. Only one child had disappeared. I soon as possible. With what could be achieved Odalis convinced that withdraw from the cooperative and studied economics at the University of proletarian peoples.

makeup Rosir is bruising. reached orgasm changed all nectary at work. More movements were divine and spat on. It was incredible feel dirty. Where find the driver would pay to see an end.

Priam saw the ad colors. The devil appeared in the State of Jalisco Toro DANCE BLUE BAR SNACK. The site where the game is all electric drop rampant. Once again demonstrates the effectiveness of their tickets. So book THE SHOW 7:30 the Internet pay in cash at the door. $ 2,500 per ticket before serving. Requested the best table.
Thus, after entering and again their accounts under the strict supervision of the author at the box office, sat down and enjoyed a sip of scotch blue label and Limited Edition. When the woman is out, still in shock, absolutely and completely known by the Spanish conquerors, when they saw the Aztec women believed they were in Paradise because the woman was an angel from heaven. The devil was dressed only in three sunflowers. Blood performs a complicated dance that will leave men speechless. The Michelangelo was slightly beyond the maximum. At the same time he went to his dressing room to freshen your makeup, take a glass of tequila and pure housed with three lines force.
- You have the driver sitting right in front of you - said nectary on their backs, after giving a gentle kiss on her beautiful shoulders.
- What surprise. A driver with so much money.
- You have no idea what you have. Distr elo and take it. After the pressure I deal with offenders .--
- Is going to be easy, "said the boy as women .-- handsome face of a priest.
Priamo enjoyed another Part of the exhibition and in the middle of a pass just above the woman jumped from the table, leaned her torso and art that show the faces of the two with long hair, gave him a light kiss on the mouth and whispered.
- I Love You. Come to that contained Meliá eighth house - the woman had a leap forward in the center of the stage and continues with his show.

A few hours after the penthouse Rosir
He received a huge bouquet orchid pink, a giant bottle of Champagne and the widow of 8 liters per gallon of perfume Fish.
After Priam came dressed in a white tuxedo, was cute. Virtually impotent men viscous and had to stand for $ 300,000.
- This call has made me a taste for life - said the young seminarian with an angelic smile.
The woman smiled. Would be about eight years his junior. It was like a corruption of minors. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Danced, chatted in the procession as a student. The shy kiss and he stayed for some time. His view that any progress in their attack experts to explore with fingers.
- What is it? You kidding? - Are you worried that the spine feel, "he said.
The opening and closing face ..... God whispers to see what desperate to reduce the power turned to oral sex, but that does not fit into the mouth and me more. It mandated the bed and slowly put it there. She began to shake the legs straight column view, and was in position. A guttural cry came from behind, emerge eyes saw the beautiful young face. The destruction, interrupts. Death .....
The hours creep up the bathroom with the help of the elbows. He was dying, even when I was very young has been sold to a world champion heavyweight boxer, he felt something of this magnitude. How could he tried to sit on the toilet. It was clean and was more difficult to sink to wash his face. It looked in the mirror. It has been dethroned.
I looked at the door. He was there. Naked and in full force. With shining eyes, "he said.
- Now, I want you - said quickly look at his ass.
- No Daddy - groans in a faint voice, fully understand the intentions of the man --- not ... no.
After a shattering scream filled the air. After a strong and stronger after the other ....

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