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problem with the Canon PIXMA iP6210D printer?

I have a problem with my Canon Pixma iP6210D, CL51 replacing a new cartridge and the error message following is the next cartridge of ink has been used before the function of ink level detection will remain disabled because the ink level can not be correctly detect when you print the right message above it does not print no, I spoke with the agent fee and told me to take all cartridges and leave the machine from 1 / 2 hours and cartridges and straighten your restatrt "relationship that is not in the summary of the cartridge CL-51 does not read on the screen Any suggestions

Interestingly, I thought the 6210 has taken the CL41 (that is with a capacity of less color selection), but if Canon technology has not had a problem with you having a CL-51, which should not be. Sad thinking to myself ... is a brand new complete 51 or 51? parts in general, to implement this message and you should follow a strange sequence screen the printer to get past. one thing you can try very gently clean the copper contacts with a paper towel (lint that it is better if you can find, but a job regular) and alcohol or Windex. This will remove the foreign contacts abroad and * can * that beyond the error message. If this does not work properly, you might you need to call for new gun or try to return or exchange the cartridge to the place of purchase.

The History of Ricoh Company, Ltd.

The Ricoh is one of the most respected brands in cameras, equipment office and industrial equipment in the world today. This is a brand that is associated with an entrepreneurial and innovative technology, and we known as Ricoh, Ltd. has carefully cultivated in the seventies, from its foundation.

The Beginnings of the Ricoh

Ricoh Company, Ltd. was founded in Tokyo, Japan February 6, 1936. It is the result of Kiyoshi Ichimura, an ambitious and enterprising son of a poor farmer. Ichimura, At that time, has no privilege or opportunity available to talk, so he created his own opportunities. Thus, he founded the company which was then known as Kankoshi Riken Co., Ltd., a company that makes optical devices and equipment. The name was changed two years and then Riken Optical Co.

That in these early years that Ricoh has started building a reputation for innovation. In 1950, the company ranks The first double lens reflex, mass-produced - the first in the world. This camera is none other than the RicohFlex III.

The company is constantly changing its system of cameras and techniques for mass production, and their efforts were recognized when he was assigned to the production Memorial Ohkochi in 1957. It was also during the 1950s when the company came with its first line of office copiers, including Ricopy 101.

The global expansion

In 1960, the company has established its subsidiary in the high seas for the first time in Korea. In 1962, opened its U.S. subsidiary, Ricoh Industries USA. Later, in 1970, this subsidiary was merged with the company office in New York, leading to the formation of Ricoh Americas. Other subsidiaries have been trained in Switzerland and Taiwan, the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the spirit of innovation remained. Ricoh involved in the production of sensitized paper and other paper products, as well as creating new and better types of office equipment and cameras. It was also during this period that he built a department that is supposed to be fully interested in research and Ricoh development need to see progress in the future.

Ricoh Company Today

At this stage, the Company Ricoh, Ltd. is a multinational companies from Japan today. Its website boasts of U.S. $ 17 billion annual turnover. He also 81,900 employees in 150 offices worldwide. The company has also acquired the rights to the name of a football stadium in Coventry, England and indoor arena in Toronto, Canada. He is also active in the sports scene, holding Ricoh Black Rams, a team of rugby in Japan and be Home Sponsor a British Open.

But for all this, Ricoh has been shown greater commitment to making their systems and processes environmentally. He has received numerous awards around the world for this company.

About the Author

This Article is written by John C. Arkin from PrintCountry, the contributor of Ink & Printer Reviews. More information on the subject is at The History of Ricoh Company, Ltd., and related resources can be found at Ricoh Ink Cartridges.


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