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Pitney Bowes Company History

There are many products in use today that go unnoticed as we work our time large influx. How often is plush carpeting or even ignored by the owner or most of their role in everyday life. In most cases, companies that manufacture and innovate in these areas are also ignored. With its inception in 1901, the Universal Declaration of sealing machine Company was one of those companies.

A simple stamping machine

The simple "stamping device," was the first of more than 3,500 patents issued to the company through its ongoing story. This design was created to transport mail by the office of a company more efficient. This saved the company time and money at a time when business was booming and the industrial era was booming in the United States. Three years later, the U.S. government authorized permit mail, after four years later by the incorporation of the Universal Declaration of stamping machine of the company. That same year, the company began sell machines canceled the U.S. Postal Office.

Pitney Bowes

In 1919, Mr. and Mr. Pitney Bowes met and started talking merger. In 1920, the merger was followed by a new smaller machine at a lower cost. With the advent of mass mailings and their costs in primary products the company sold well through the depression.

Monarch Marking System Company

Perhaps a precursor of today's print and computer Printing was the acquisition of Monarch Marking System Company 1968. Over time, the company would develop the bar code with all the ramifications, and new printing options, it offers today. The company has again been at the forefront of the patent and design.

Progress to date

Pitney Bowes one step more "modern" since the age presented his computer, printer and fax on the market in 1986. Thus began a service division to customers who can help with their meter from Pitney Bowes mail printer, copier and fax questions.

In 1996, the company has made its move in the service "modern kingdom mail. Staff Post Office has been welcomed by small and medium enterprises working with a larger number of projects related post. For most, the main "night" became well established companies and the company was there and ready to serve. The use of bar codes and familiarity with the company they also helped to increase company revenue higher.

There was particular in a position to transfer technology oldest in the computer / printer age today. To expand this achievement, all you have to do is seeking to generate revenue from late 1970 to 2005, when the company increased its revenue for the first and $ 5 billion. Since then, the company has rapidly identify trends and move with them.

About the Author

This Article is written by John C. Arkin from PrintCountry, the contributor of Ink & Printer Reviews. More information on the subject is at History of Pitney Bowes Company, and related resources can be found at Pitney Bowes Ink Cartridges.


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