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When the embroidery, you can change the color of the can every time you change colors of the threads of the pattern?

My husband bought me a machine embroidery. silly question: Say I'm embroidering a pattern that is 4 colors (red, orange, green and blue) Whenever I can change the thread at the top to the next color on the ground, am I supposed to change the color of the bobbin to match the color of the thread above as well? I hope you understand I'm asking! Feel a bit stupid! New to this whole sewing and embroidery! 🙂

Time to wear the same color spool as it does at the top is when the embroidery pattern is visible in both sides. Questions like yours are asked by every new machine embroidery fans - so do not worry. can fill the best to use the can, when the embroidery. There are manufacturers who do I like to use the coils before the injury. They seem to have the most complete much can it ever be finished on my own. Ask your provider if they have suggestions prebobinado on best reels you can use for your machine ... or just buy canned filling and the wind itself. There are different colors on the market, can try match the color of your fabric, but basically black and white are the most common. Another topic for the beginning of the embroidery (and veterans) is stabilizing. The best place for the stabilization of the questions here: Each type of stabilization of the question (or solution) can be found there. Of course, selling their own products (and it's good - I use it all the time), but the information is invaluable if you use your product or not.

Embroidery Manufacturing

Jacob Schiess started building the first embroidery shop in 1848 in New York. He came from Switzerland and within a year has its embroidery factory in operation. All seams are made by hand by fifteen woman stitching exquisite designs by hand.

The development of the machine embroidery did not take place until the 1800s. Joshua Heilmann from Mulhouse worked on the design of an embroidery machine to hand. Although it has not sold many, has revolutionized the embroidery industry. Heilmann invention was quickly followed by the embroidery "shuttle" and embroidery of the string "develop" methods.

The beginnings of embroidery dates back to 1860 when Transport Isaak Groebli, St. Gallen, Switzerland, was inspired by the work done on the sewing machine.

Around the 1870s, there were fourteen companies manufacturing machinery Embroidery Hand Swiss made embroidery. There are now four companies Schiffli embroidery machine manufacturers.

In 1873, Alphonse Kursheedt imported twelve of the ten new embroidery hand crafts of St. Gallen, becoming the first U.S. use a method for machine embroidery. Needles used multiple trades and has been an improvement in the process incredibly ancient hand sewing. They were, however, operated manually.

Immediately afterwards, Isaak Groebli of Switzerland invented the first practical Schiffli Embroidery machine. This machine is based on principles introduced by the newly invented sewing machine. Groebli machine used a combination of continuously threaded needle and containing a spool of transport thread. The shuttle itself looked like the hull of a sailboat. "Schiffli" means "little boat" in the Swiss dialect of German, and team became known as the Schiffli machine.

In 1876, began to import numbers Kursheedt Schiffli machine in the United States, with him, the real founder of the embroidery industry in the United States Schiffli.

Dr. Robert Reiner, founder of Robert Reiner, Inc., of Weehawken, came to America in 1903 more than twenty years. Realising the potential of the embroidery industry, persuaded the Vogtlandishe Machine Works of Plauen, Germany, which he is appointed is an American actor. This began a mass importation of embroidery machines in northern New Jersey Hudson County. The banks arranged credit long-term buyers. Dr. Reiner has helped hundreds of immigrants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in New Jersey to become manufacturers of embroidery.

The industry grew until 1938, when suddenly the two sources for the manufacture of machines in Plauen, Germany, and Arbon, in Switzerland, ceased operations due to World War 2. No additional machines were produced until 1953, when Robert Reiner Inc. introduced the first American manufacturing Schiffli machine. Gradually over time, became the improvements to the machine in America and In Switzerland and Germany.
Today, computers play an important role in the process of embroidery.

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