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When I try to download embroidery designs, I wonder for the format you want, what does that mean?

My embroidery machine is a white 3300 and try to buy a box end, but also asked me to format the attached map. How do I respond?

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Embroidery Digitizing and embroidery

embroidery machine is described as having two different techniques, including embroidery digitizing is one of them. The other technique is the manual, including the use of a sewing machine. The scanner or digital art is what is popularly used today because of lower cost and less effort the process.

manual embroidery machine is mainly used in textile arts and quilting projects. This involves the use of a sewing machine to make a drawing on a piece of fabric or cloth. With the introduction the process of embroidery, however, the use of embroidery and fell down manual. digitizing embroidery has become the main technique in the creation embroidery.

embroidery became popular two reasons. One reason is that it reduces the amount of work implemented. The computer and software Scanning does most work on improving the design and embroidery. With this technique of machine embroidery, there is less effort given and no time is lost at all. The second reason is due to lower cost to digitize embroidery. With machine embroidery by hand, you need a sewing machine that not only should be any kind of sewing machine. There are machines Done only for embroidery, and these are machines ideal for the job. Sewing machines are also expensive at present. Add to that manual labor will do, it seems, as manual machine embroidery is as exhausting as it sounds. And it really is.

With the process of embroidery, embroidery digitizer automatically create design that have been pre-made and entered into the computer. With the scanning software you use, you can do the design by creating patterns and organization of the pattern of colors and son. With the process simple and easy instructions it is not surprising that the computerized embroidery machine has become popular in our time.

If we talk about the economy, using a digitizer embroidery, remain the best method. We can buy the scan and software that cost us a lot of money, and still be able to produce large embroidery work. Purchasing a sewing machine, however, could not be a good idea, especially if they are not so good in using the machine to make your embroidery project.

There are also those who do the option to purchase embroidery designs rather than doing it yourself. This machine scanning software, which also sell their own creations. Already there are many individuals and small companies do business to offer their services for scanning and sell their designs and patterns.

As for the facts and the appeal of the practice, it is clear that the use of computerized embroidery machines are better than to go manual. The embroidery is not a simple task to do, especially if the project involves a large number of issues and models as a whole. That Whether a slim design or thickness or pattern, will certainly not go wrong with digitizing embroidery.

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