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How I can control things only 20 child, or the Ethernet cable?

I have this control panel with lots of lights and switches in it, I use it to control my animatronic haunted house show, but I will not run 25 feet of cable with 25 child inside. I prefer the control TCP / IP. So basically I need some kind of E / S digital Ethernet card thing ... economic, of course. Must be bi-directional, and I need to receive signals for control the lights on the panel, then signals to control the show itself. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I know these things exist because I saw in trade in machinery, but I want something that costs $ 500, perhaps made by a computer genius kid who makes his own circuit boards.

On YouTube, I saw a lot of "How-To vids Youth Christmas fire. Probably there are some control panels that can be said to incorporate their needs.

DFG Titan Coil Heavy Duty Manual Coil binding machines comments


  • The DFG is TitanCoil a heavy binding machine is designed for midsize businesses that want to link to their own documents with spiral.
  • Although this machine a manual blow it is built with components of high-quality metal for use in organizations that need document binding on all days.
  • The TitanCoil is a heavy, reliable, functional and easy to use binding machines. This makes it an excellent choice for POD applications, Quick-Printers, Photocopiers and professional organizations.
  • It offers a heavy punching capacity, fully disengageable dies, drilling and throat open and built in a spiral inserter.

Strengths / Features:

  • The DFG is a coiled coil-built Titan more durable binding machines available on the market. It is composed almost entirely of metal components, is very strong. The house, the table document, and handle all the internal mechanisms are high quality steel. This allows the construction Titancoil sustainable drill up to twenty five sheets time.
  • One of the most impressive machines TitanCoil binding is that it includes fully disengageable dies. For years binding machine companies said it was impossible to include this feature in a coil binding machine punch pins were so close. However, DFG has found a way to include this functionality in their machines. This allows users to punch any length document. The throat of the machine is eleven inches long. This means that you can punch any document that is eleven inches or less a punch. Any document that has more than eleven inches may be perforated with a two-step process of drilling.
  • The book includes a guide to special measures TitanCoil on the right side of the machine. You Simply place your chips in the directory pages of measurement and is pressed to determine the correct size coil, you need his book. This feature is very useful for organizations that join the reports and presentations that are different thicknesses. It takes all the guesswork of choosing the diameter Supplies Binding to your reel.
  • On the left side of the machine behind the paper guide is an order of deep drilling margins. This command can choose how far from the edge of the page holes will be drilled. The holes should be closer to the edge of the page for small coils and more for ledgers in diameter. If the holes are too far, the thin pages of his books can not rotate freely. However, if the pages are too close to the edge of the page, leaves can start their services in large diameters.

Weaknesses and limitations:

  • The Titancoil includes spiral insertion of the superior power of the machine. It is a very useful feature for a manual coil binding machine. Help to turn the coils on the edge of your documents. However, the design of the coil insertion on this machine has a number of issues that make it less effective that other coil inserters on the market. Membership in the reel-spinning Titan uses a single roller is only six inches long. Inserters Superior quality coil using two rollers and a measure for the insertion faster. Design this insertion is limited to books that have less than 22 mm. large coils must be inserted by hand.
  • Although most components of this machine are of high quality steel, some regions are not as durable. The spinal column measuring apparatus, the edge guide and depth control settings are perforated margins made of plastic. The depth of plastic control punch or spine meter should not be a huge deal. However, the edge guide on a machine as it gets much use. It would be much better if this book was later made of metal for durability and precision.
  • The pedal used for coil insertion on this machine is not as large or more lasting than the pedals included in other similar parts, equipment that are required on the market. Depending on the amount you use this machine and how the pedal is pressed is a component that can be replaced later.
  • The last limitation that I realized the TItancoil is that the chip tray on this machine is quite low. This is not a huge deal. Simply means that you have to think to empty the bin Chads more frequently to ensure that a backup inside the drilling mechanism.


  • The general construction and features TitanCoil the DFG is pretty good.
    Document Finishing Group has used a number of metal components of high quality and included features This machine is simply not available in most other coil binding machines.
  • However, there are some limitations and concerns I have with this machine. In my opinion, most companies CoilMac Akilas CIS is an option TitanCoil little better than the DFG. The only exception is if your organization has need to bind documents custom format. The TitanCoil is a better choice for this application.

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