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Friday Night Lights... Has anyone else noticed the new liberal undertones?

Last season FNL presented such unprecedented truth with incomparable originality. It didn't force an issue or agenda, it was just real... and great! It was unadulterated by common Hollywood stereotyping and the typical Studio left-wing agenda machine. FNL remains socially topical and relavent but has turned its back on keeping apolitical, unbiased and true! It was an absolute rarity in TV land. I have found this season's development of certain characters (Buddy, his wife's boyfriend, Buddy's daughter, and others) to be unnecessary and, as is typical, greatly disappointing and offensive. I know the creators can keep their politics from ruining a great and compelling show because they managed to do it in Season 1 (when the purposefully imbued, agenda driven half-truths were atleast tacit in nature and short lived in the plot). This show has gone the way of Boston Legal! I'm done with it. Agree?

The facts are biased, man.

Gaggia Titanium Plus Espresso Machine

Gaggia has done it again by adding another impressive all-in-one coffee center to their already fabulous Titanium lineup. The Gaggia Titanium Plus Espresso Machine feature the E. Plus beverage system which allows users to adjust the strength of the brew with just a turn of a dial; coupled with the already popular Gaggia quality features that round out Titanium Plus, this machine is worth the upgrade.

Feature Filled

The features included on the Gaggia aren’t just pretty decorations. Each and every one are there to insure that each espresso or cup of coffee brewed is the best it can be.

The E Plus beverage system adjusts the coffee strength with a quick turn of the dial. Coffee drinkers can adjust the amount of coffee used to brew their beverage as well as the volume of the water dispensed. Beverage temperature can also be adjusted and saved into memory for quick recall.

The Gaggia Milk Island is another added feature that connects to one of the two steam boilers to produce perfectly frothed and steamed milk for making cappuccinos and lattes. Of course, there is always the manual frothing wand for those who like to froth their own milk.

The water reservoir holds a whopping 60 oz. of water; however, user reviews report that it will actually hold 80 oz. of water. In addition to being removable it also swivels to allow for ease in filling.

The Gaggia’s coffee bean hopper is air tight to keep coffee beans fresh longer. For occasions when decaf or a different coffee is desired, they included a by-pass hopper to make that easier too.

Cleaning is a major plus with the Gaggia Plus. The dreg drawer holds the coffee grinds until full then sends an alert when it needs emptied. The drip pan will also alert via a floatation device that rises to the top. The brew unit removes completely from the machine for ease in cleaning, making the Gaggia a hands-down winner in user reviews.


Form and function should go hand in hand; at least that is what most architects believe. The creators of the Gaggia Titanium Plus obviously do too. The shining stainless steel and blue LCD lights create a striking appliance that any kitchen would be proud to host.

The cost of the Gaggia is at first glance high, however, when compared to the cost of driving to the coffee shop on a daily basis and purchasing an expensive cappuccino it pays for itself. Gaggia is dedicated to providing the best customer experience in coffee and espresso machine.

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