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good woodcarving book using a dremel type machine?

I would like to try wood carving using my dremel rotary tool kit, are there any good books/videos out there that show how to do this?

Yes there are and if you log in to Ebay you will find many books referent to this topic, and best of all they're cheap too..☺

Power Tools- Make Your Power to Work Easily, Effectively and Efficiently

Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means handheld. They are widely used in industry, in construction, and around the house for cutting, shaping, drilling, sanding, painting, grinding, and polishing. Stationary power tools for metalworking are usually called machine tools.

As you are aware, Power Tools run on motors that either run on electricity or compressed air. The addition of this motor reduces the work you have to do, and even make it possible for you to do things that are difficult or impossible to do by hand. Power Tools include the drill, various types of saws, the router, the electric sander, and the lathe.

Power tools are commonly used everywhere, with many applications being found for their labor saving convenience. They have made many a small business possible, either by providing the means for construction and maintenance of a business space or providing the means to provide the service of the business, such as in the case of small contractors, plumbers, repair people and roofers; anyone who Hammers cuts, Drills and Saws for a living.

The modern home too benefits from power tools every day. From the simplicity and benefit of a battery-operated screwdriver for turning those hard to get to screws to the raw power and debris-eating appetite of a hopper, the power tool has made life much easier for the average homeowner.

The following advantages shall be taken into account when considering power tools.

· Reliability

· Manufacturer

· Power consumption

· Reputation of the products

The safety precautions to be followed while operating power tools are as follows:

· Do not use a tool in an explosive or flammable atmosphere

· Inspect the tool before using it to determine that it is clean, and all moving parts operate freely

· Do not load the tool unless it is to be used immediately

· Do not leave a loaded tool unattended, especially where it would be available to unauthorized person or children.

· Never point the tool at anyone.

· For eye protection wear safety glasses.

· For ear protection wear earplugs or domes

· Wear gloves for your hands.

· There should be a first aid kit in the factory or at the place of work.

Thus, you have the power to be a master of Power Tools to work for you in the best possible manner one can wish for. Enjoy the difference!

About the Author

Article written by Mr. J.R. Singal, Managing Director of Eastman Cast and Forge Limited, Power tools and power tools accessories manufacturing company located at Punjab, India.


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