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Have you ever done a kit of felt and sequins?

I am thinking of buying a kit with felt and sequins to make a Christmas tree skirt. The kit comes with instructions, and I can read, so hopefully I can finish it without problems. I cross stitch and have been tempered in knitting and crochet. Having never done one of these tests before, I'm not sure exactly what is involved in this trade. I do not want to spend money if I will not be able to. If someone did these jobs before, could explain what the conclusion of these projects? Thanks in advance.

I did a lot of felt and glitter of Christmas stockings and decorating kits. If the kit is skirt tree ornaments something like storage, and do not need any particular knowledge item, which are really easy to do. The felt will outline design printed on it, simply cut with scissors. There should be no thread, sequins and pearls. The straws are attached through a sequin on the felt, the needle stroke and thread through hole, through a cord, then insert the needle through the hole in sequins and felt again. Pearl has sequins hat (Sorry if this sounds silly, but I was not sure whether he had done this before). The instructions should have a picture like that. If the kit does not come with a needle, you will need a fine needle enough to pass through small seed accounts usually come with the kit. The form was attached to the main base of felt with a point core of the whip, but it seems to have more knowledge, so you could probably knows stitches amateur use. I can use the kits and add more guidance things as I go. Buy more or different colored glitter in the craft store and sew them together for more brightness or something mini bronze bells of Christmas. If there is a Santa Noel, you can buy a small pompom and sew that it is more than 3 dimensions - that sort of thing. You can also buy felt, cut shapes or characters and add to the felt layer. The results can be beautiful, but it takes a long time. Follow the instructions, but do not let that limit your creativity.

Cross stitch and men - to cross the barrier between the sexes

Cross stitch is not only an activity for women. Many men like to take the needle and floss to cross stitch projects that they enjoy. For most men who cross-stitch on the creation "art" or who have a particular interest in the design ... and of course, cross stitch is wonderfully therapeutic when it comes to eliminating stress.

For some, it is not only "manly" to call a job. " While men are not a large percentage the cross-stitch, which undoubtedly exist. However, many people wonder about the men they love cross stitching and provides a number of questions interesting

Men are better than women ... cross stitch?
The simple answer to this question is, of course, men are better than women, women are better than men, either. Cross stitch is a learned skill, and anyone crossing point is only as good as they are left. Practice, practice and more practice for a person a better stitcher-cons, no sex.

Female Designers No cross stitch there?
Yes Course there are male designers. Why not? cross point design is an art form, and certainly not limited to females. There are many men involved in setting up their own cross-stitch patterns. For some it is a direct branch of his art - as Thomas Kinkade. For others, are part of a design firm, as husband and wife in the home of Heartland. The men are involved in the design and bring a bit of cross stitch patterns great. Some designers are also cross-stitch fashion designers and the use of flax and silk to create designs clothes they create.

What models are most popular with men?
Men tend to select models such as women-the art. Impossible also be open for the election of a pattern teddy bear as a pillow.

Often, men are attracted to things they love. If a man loves sports, you can choose a kit that represents your sports team. If a man is in the architecture, then you may want to point cross a pattern based on Frank Lloyd Wright. There are even players who cross stitch of their favorite games.

Other men use cross stitch to create designs on clothing too. If you choose a model to give a man, then you should take a look at what they love. Go to your interests.

How men come to cross stitch?
This question really depends on the man. Some men involved simply because someone they love to do. A child may have wanted to do what your mother did. A man can help his wife to finish a project only to discover that she loved. Other men need something to do, and it's a boat just the ground. Often men are not looking to cross stitch, but finds a way or another. Some men believe it is attractive to women, to use as a means of "Looking for someone."

How do I treat a man who wants to Cross-Stitch?
Embrace it. It takes courage for a man to leave aside an image of masculinity to admit that you want to make a "feminine" art. If man is someone important, then take pride in the fact that her man wants to share something with you. In the case of a young man, and to encourage creativity from the ship.

It's not often that men can keep the machismo to make something nice, like cross stitch, so open and willing to teach and inspire. Who knows ... Man cross stitch in your life can find a way to inspire too!

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