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If I say "loneliness is more apparent directly after one has been made love to" what song pops into your head?

The phrase randomly chosen from "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf:

"loneliness is more apparent directly after one has been made love to"

What song?

BQ: Would you change your gender for a day to experience the other side?
BQ2: Mortality or immortality?
BQ3: Most interesting era of human history?
BQ4: Do you remember rock'n'roll radio?

Turning Japanese by The Vapors.

BQ: Hmm, no. I don't think they re-attach male genitalia that easily.
BQ2: Mortality. I'm already jaded after 21 years.
BQ3: Late 1800's/early 1900's. There were new inventions being invented such as the telephone, the aeroplane, recorded sound, film, philosophers such as Nietzche, Freud, Karl Marx, were all alive, as were poets and authors such as Oscar Wilde, Whitman, Hardy, Tennyson, Yeats etc, not to mention the dress sense, theatre, and I reckon the people were better company as they didn't walk the streets wearing headphones isolating themselves.
BQ4: Vaguely. What is radio again? And more to the point, what is rock'n'roll?


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