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Lost e-mails in Windows Mail

Outlook Express was, and by the time of this writing is still the customer e-mail more popular with a huge margin. It is difficult to overestimate the amount of aid for Outlook Express has received from third party developers. Several free and commercial products compete for space disk and a place in the Start menu, including tools that backup and restore emails, and to identify and recover damaged data base electronics. Outlook Express users certainly no lack of tools for retrieving e-mail that will help recover accidentally e-mails deleted.

The situation has changed momentarily. With the launch of Windows Vista, Outlook Express has been replaced by a customer e-mail the next generation Windows Windows Mail stores email Email to a new format that is completely different from Outlook Express is incompatible with anything before. familiar tools Outlook Express mail no longer works with Windows Mail, and is also typical, no method of e-mails of UN-delete provided by Microsoft.

Windows Mail Recovery is one of the first products on the market to support the new Windows mail client. It is specially designed for e-mail UN-delete in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista offers security increased and enhanced protection against modern threats. New security measures typically prevent users and applications access and edit important files vital information. To overcome these limitations, you must be logged in as administrator, or at least as a user with administrative rights. This can become a major concern for a home user, and a total show-stopper in a corporate environment.

Windows Mail Recovery is fully aware of the security account the new measures implemented in Windows Vista, and needs to be connected with a password administrator. Simply launch Windows Mail Recovery, and we'll do the rest - automatically!

Windows Mail is different from Outlook Express Road stores e-mail. Each message is stored in a separate file, with meta-information stored in a database for indexing faster mail. Deleting email in Windows Mail simply moves messages on items of folder "Deleted" without affecting the files. But if you delete a message from the "Deleted Items" folder, it is not easy to delete an e-mail.

Recovery for Windows Mail protects your messages from accidental erasure. You can remove the UN and fully recover deleted mail, even if you have deleted item "deleted" folder.

Recovery for Windows Mail is fully capable to recover deleted email Windows Mail client. Protect yourself and download your free trial here:

About the Author

Phil Turner is a technical writer for NSoftware, where develop a software for Outlook Express and Vista Windows Mail. For more information about email recovery visit


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