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Moussaka recipe?

Has anyone heard of a recipe with yogurt instead of cheese sauce, c 'is only a vague recollection that it is a form to do but I like the yogurt. Also, some recipes say to leave the eggplant slices first in salt and other Don `t. I `ve just taken seven small eggplants a plant in the greenhouse and I `ve ground lamb. Ideas in a recipe with yogurt?

Moussaka =========== 1 onion, chopped 500 g lean meat 1x400g can of chopped tomatoes 1 beef bouillon cube 2 potatoes 2 zucchini 300g/10.5 Greek yogurt 2 ounces of cheddar cheese eggs 25g. Preheat oven to 200c/400f. Gas 6. Chop onion a large pan with ground beef and cook gently until the meat is browned and onion is tender. Add the tomato and crumble in the bouillon cube, stir and cook for10 minutes. Peel and thinly slice potatoes and boil for 5 minutes. Drain. Cut the zucchini. Place meat in a roughly 23cmx18cm (9x7) rectangular plate inch baking dish. potaote top with zucchini slices. Whisk the yogurt and eggs until smooth, pour over the top of the moussaka, sprinkle grated cheese and bake for about 30-35 minutes until golden and bubbly. Cooks Tip: Sprinkle a little grated nutmeg, Parmesan and cinnamon in the top of the moussaka before cooking for a truly authentic flavor. Suitable to freeze up to 3 months.

Improve your memory and stay organized. 10 tips to help you organize your thoughts ..

Organize memories

Be organized is a lot of time and effort and not much to remember. Here are some tips to help you remember everything

1. Pointing downwards. With the many details that you have to remember a particular day, why try to keep everything in a memory bank? In At the same time there is something you remember to do the right thing to do is write. Then, when you have to remember, be there for you in an instant.

2. Keep all in one place. Once you have developed the ability to write everything, The next step will be to keep your writing in one place. You'd better remember. Otherwise, the time you spend looking for your note.

3. Stay healthy. A great memory is a mind well fed. Eat healthily is a lot of things and a lot of good exercise. Everyone can see through a good memory, staying focused and alert.

4. Record all your thoughts. You may find yourself driving is a good idea the organization comes from you or you may remember something really need to write. No need to stop and start writing, record instead! Pull one side of the road and use a small hand held recorder. It is a wonderful tool to bring with you to record your thoughts, or number of parking spaces, or even a memorable telephone number is on a billboard for driving. Use your handheld recorder for your eyes and ears seconds.

5. Call ahead. When you office and want to do something when I get home, call ahead to your answering machine and leave a message yourself. As soon as I get home, you can hear your message and remember exactly what I wanted.

6. Have confidence in yourself. If you go to say that you have a bad memory, is likely to have a bad memory. It is important to have a motivation, I remember the attitude.

7. Handy reminders via email. There are many free email reminder service and preparation. You can write what you remember, as a welcome party, a birthday or special event and you will receive an email reminder when the date approaches. This is a great way refresh your memory on the Internet.

8. Use sticky notes. These are wonderful little sticky notes closest bread! They are amazing memory helpers. Do you remember something before you leave home? Just point in a post-it and stick it in your door. The bright colors and neon lights will be great to attract their attention as a holiday. You probably will not miss it! Need to make an urgent appeal first thing in the morning? Leave a post-it on your phone.

9. Use timers and alarms. Enjoy waking and watches during the day. They must have the dryer for 12 hours? Set your alarm clock to remind you. Want to leave the ladies to lunch at 7 am? Set the timer to ring a few minutes before starting to prepare.

10. Corridors visual memory. Visual reminders help you remember and concentration. Use visual reminders for remembering your goals. If your goal is a trip to Ireland in recent years, take a photo of the magazine in an office in Ireland right. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds. six months to find a picture or ornament that will remind you of this goal daily.

For more tips for organizing your home, life and business, visit target = "_blank" title = "PDA"> Get Organized!

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