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How I can determine the minimum system requirements for a program I wrote?

I tried to find a program that will to test my program and determine the minimum system requirements needed to run the software. I prefer a free tool, as software developers is still very expensive, but all suggestions will be appreciated. The information I am trying to find are: minimum processor speed, memory, video card, hard disk, etc. .. I could not imagine, but I'm a perfectionist. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I guess this is a Windows application. Canned Heat Holodeck are testing tools that show how your application responds when running the system resources. They do not automatically give you the response. It is more a process of trial and error.

Do you have blackouts like me? When I'm at work (I'm an engineer) could be assembling parts of a machine and put a wrench, screwdriver, or a type of engineering tool that I come down and check the documents or paper check, and then when you return to continue the work in hand, guess what? Yes, the tool I used has miraculously disappeared, or someone must have borrowed, which has nothing to do with me forget where I am lost, but unfortunately it has, because in these few minutes to go do something else that I forgot where I put down.The The funny thing is that most of the time to find these tools in place that I had to go to another part of my work.

Forgetting seems to climb all of us, or is there much to do and remember in this fast company of us do not pay much attention what we're doing right now? Then, when we return to the initial task was done the last thing is gone completely from his mind. Several Sometimes I have to go through a routine to retrace my steps, one by one until you find the place I lost my tools.

What I do can not get with this memory problem are the things I remember many years ago. Already a five years old when I remember that children receive wooden toys birthday gift from my mom and dad. Or the time I went with my mother where she worked and played on a wooden horse child swinging with their employees' children.

Maybe play with these toys is a natural wood happy memories, so remember much the mundane routines day by day all that we support as adults. Certainly there are many good memories of my childhood, playing games with my friends Championships the world have visited in my imagination while playing with children wooden toys.

Well at least I have a memory of the past remain optimistic moments I can have a memory lapse.

Memories of childhood can be an inspiration to us all. Take a look and see why. Follow these short cuts to some wonderful memories brought to you today.
wooden rocking horses
child's rocking horse
wooden rocking toys
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