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Marching Band?

I band camp about two weeks and will be too hot. What are good ways to cool? Also ... how Is it difficult to play in the formation and March, at the same time?

there is something called a "camel." Basically, a backpack containing water. A straw on your shoulder and you drink can. You can get more sports shops. Do not think it Wally World. I agree with everyone. Many liquids. Fortunately, his group manager (s) shall be forfeited. One thing, if you feel dizzy, training and get some water. if they cry, the report .. Your health is more important than the band Silly training. Once you know the songs, walking and training easy. You need to get from point A to point B, or X amount of steps or X amount of time. It is sometimes difficult, but it works. Concert Band and remember SEASON is just around the corner

The Allman Brothers Band Tickets

The group was formed March 26, 1969 and its members were Gregg Allman, who was the voice and the organ guitar, Duane Allman solo and rhythm guitar bassist Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson plays drums. Major Gregg and Duane Allman Brothers were the first Part of a garage band called the Escorts, then the Allman Joys and Hourglass. They won a lot of musical experience and experience in reading of these bands. The Allman Brothers Band played numerous shows and festivals before releasing his first album as a group.
The album was titled The Allman Brothers Band and has continued to receive good reviews from critics and audiences. Although the album did not attract many fans, but one of his singles entitled Dreams. In 1970, they released their second album, Idlewild South, which was produced by Tom Dowd and the album was more fortunate them, then your previous employer. In addition to receiving rave reviews for her album this time, the public also appreciates the kind of songs that would make shorter and more interesting for listeners of the radio. The band released a live album, At Fillmore East.
They were the last band to play at the Fillmore East before closing and said the experience was one of the best of their lives. October 29, 1971 was a day very tragic for the group as their leader, brother and friend died in a motorcycle accident. His live album reached gold status. The group decided to continue despite have suffered a great loss, but after a while it was decided to add another instrument to the band to create a unique sound. This instrument the piano and pianists name was Chuck Leavell.
Tragedy struck again as another band member Berry Oakley died Nov. 11 after a bike accident in 1972 near Duane died at home. Before their next album launched services Lamar Williams at the end of 1972. His next album was Brothers and Sisters titled and released in 1973. They toured and performed in many shows. His popularity reached new heights and the audience appreciates really all began her music. But then, because of many problems and conflicts of many band members left and started a solo career such. This was the beginning of many problems facing the band. They separated in 1979 because of financial problems and many others.
Allman Brothers came together in 1989 and began touring again. The American public enjoyed your music at once and began a successful comeback. Group has been called the principal architects of Southern Rock. In the 1970s, the Rolling Stones Magazine have been hailed as the best rock and roll in five years! The group had five platinum and seven gold records until 2005, the success of states that were. These are classified fifty seconds 100 Rolling Stones greatest artists of all time!
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