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Did anyone see how to pop open traffic tissue cardboard rolls featured in Martha Stewart?

It is in October, when they do crafts and Halloween decorations. I went home for lunch, turned on the TV and just miss the way you do. The part that I missed something to do with tape or rope attached in any way. Marta and one of its cameras men each pull of the tape or rope on each end and was open and agreements fell. I tried to look on their website, but not I was sure they were called and my search revealed nothing about it. If I can find how to do it, I thought it would be really cool treat Christmas stockings filled with my children this year.

Here we go ...

Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas for leisure

Christmas holidays to give people a moment of joy in sharing both inside and outside. We sometimes forget how much fun it is to watch the Christmas decorations. Being able to share this joy with others is a wonderful experience. But Christmas decorations can often take time and money. Here are some inexpensive ways to share this season's spirit while respecting your budget.

Many people have more stress during the holiday season .. Preparing for the arrival of the family and other guests of the city can do a toll on you. With so much worry, Christmas decorations should not be one of them. There are several ways to decorate cost effective outside your home without spending much money.

Get request this. What will my topic? If you chose a traditional theme may have elements in your home for you to use. Items such as tape, scissors, tape, crowns, and other materials are usually scattered in drawers, cupboards and cabinets.

Try to use nature to help decorate the extent possible. You can find holly berries, pine cones, branches of mistletoe and almost everywhere. These articles are free, friendly and fun to work with him.

* Make your own adjustments in Evergreen, which requires a little patience and practice. It still beats paying $ 20 or more to buy a crown of life in the store. Only considered like Martha Stewart of the jungle. "

Other items you'll need for your decorating projects for Christmas is in your dollar store Local. You can also view discount and garage sales for things like construction paper, artificial flowers, glue, lamps, garlands, ribbons, markers, crayons, paints, paper plates, glue, Christmas lights, brightness, and sizes of polystyrene beads.

Experts match the decor. Make decorations for children who are both attractive and profitable. Invite all family members to participate this project for children. Those certain jobs easier for the whole family can enjoy doing.

* Make a little size and decorative pieces of cardboard used to decorate your door or porch. You can adjust these reductions with the material from the craft store.

* Decoration trees and shrubs with colorful bows and is affordable. Having all the arcs of the same color is recommended. It gives the court a more "together" look.

* Create ornaments with pine cones and ribbon for hanging on tree branches. If you add the peanut butter and bird seed pine cones, birds enjoy.

* You can make your own devices at home. Everything you need for the lighting of the ice are empty milk bottles size quarter or more buckets. You can even make Christmas lights tin cans format.

Lights can

1. own use boxes of different sizes for this project. Make sure the notch is smooth and secure. Remove labels cans and fill them with water.

2. Freeze. frozen water in the cans to prevent collapse or bumps that you create drawings of Christmas on their surfaces.

3. When solid ice in their cans, which can certainly nail designs and a hammer. For more elegant design, a drill works very well.

4. Be creative with your design and make sure that the light can shine through.

5. Remove ice, votive candles placed inside the boxes and decorate your front foot, patio or porch.

Here is another idea that can be used to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas.

Decorative Door Greeting


Garland in the following colors: silver green, gold, red

Ribbon (red, green, silver, gold)

Tape (or pins)


wrapping paper fun and festive (Christmas theme)

Construction paper

Colored pencils (or markers)


Trim a piece of colorful wrapping paper to fit the length your door.

Place the wrapper on your door invisible tape (no glue marks when you remove it) or pins.

Then you'll need to cut two pieces of red and silver garland the width of the door.

Turn the crown together.

¾ inch cut the green ribbon and tie the ends of the crown.

Cut two pieces of green and gold garland together. Cut ¾ inch silver ribbon and tie at both ends of the crown.

Use a hook, pin or small nail to mount the crown on the door.

Cut four pieces of string, (Your choice of colors), the height of the door.

Twist the first two parts of the crown together.

Now you can turn to the next two pieces of string together.

tacks used to fix the crown on the door.

Make a greeting card for Gate

construction paper folded in half.

* Add a holiday hello to people who come to your door on this map. Bookmarks brightly colored pencils work well why.

* Use a pencil or pen to trace the bright light of your greeting adds nice touch.

* When you have completed card, place it in the center of the door.

* For a different style, cover the door with the cards. Cards can be filled - or may include a pen so that people can add your own message.

Learn to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas does not mean you have to spend lot of money. This should be a fun project that allows you to add your personal style statement for the holiday season.

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