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Artist and income are not mutually exclusive

License Art

License Art is a viable way and very attractive for talented artists, companies benefit from their expertise in career money. License is to provide someone else certain rights set out to reproduce and use your creation (generally called intellectual property or "IP") in a new product, while maintaining ownership of intellectual property rights. These intellectual property rights may be in a drawing, composition music, brand, brand name or words. Licensing of certain rights to another party (usually a manufacturer, but can be a retailer as well), you authorize the third for making a derivative use your IP address. In so doing, give someone the responsibility and risks for the manufacture, distribution, sales, marketing, logistics, packaging, etc. Its main responsibility is to create a project and collect royalties every Once a derivative work created from your IP address is sold. The copyright may vary from 3% to 20% of the wholesale price (or sale if the price is a licensed directly to retailers in the program). In addition, except for some special situations, you can grant a license the same IP address to a variety of different manufacturers for different products.

In 2008, the drawings represent license for the U.S. dollar more than 80 billion U.S. retail sales alone, a figure of 50% of wholesale amounts, on average, $ 3 billion in royalties paid to owners licensing of intellectual property ownership in one year. In industry there are some license categories: character / entertainment, music, art and design, food, and brands and trademarks. The entertainment category is by far the most popular and generates more revenue from fees, it is formed by the industry giant such as Disney ®, Pixar, Marvel ® ®, Nickelodeon and others. When you see a shirt, mug, or have lunchbox Nickelodeon ® Dora, Explorer, Marvel Spider-Man ®, Pixar's Wall-E Disney ® or any other well-known iconic figures, the income Licensing has been paid to the owner in exchange for intellectual property right of placing the design of this product.

A major other categories (over 7.5 billion dollars in retail sales down last year), is the art and design category. Although this includes some well known artists who earn a significant percentage of reported income from licenses (Thomas Kincaid, Mary Engelbreit, Christian Riese Lassen and Hautman brothers, among others), also includes hundreds of thousands of independent designers and artists who paint or create graphics for use on licensed products and make life very well do.

Now if we have your attention, I ask you: how come a License?

Recipe for artist

For an independent artist to earn a living through licensing, the artist must sign licensing agreements with manufacturers. To find these vendors, artists can thorough research and time and after cold calls, or retain agents who represent them. These licensed agents generally work commission fees and often require 50% to the artist. Unfortunately, few good agents in number and in high demand and therefore it is simply not enough officers for all the artists there. In addition, the artist can thoroughly investigate for themselves, and then Presentations send cold call, you can count on a network of contacts to build great deals after the first run, and sometimes get lucky and find manufacturers, either through the website (a coincidence given the large number of websites) or attend trade shows.

He are two primary commercial presented annually to the United States (New York SURTEX and Licensing Expo in Las Vegas) that last only three days. There are other interesting and related events during the year that Atlanta Gift Mart, but they focus on other things, licensing art is a secondary consideration, are therefore not as well attended. There are some fine performances abroad. An artist view License Art of the watch can buy a car or find an agent who is interested to represent and display their art in what the staff cabin. The cost of renting an artist stands independently including rent and other expenses such as travel, accommodation, equipment and Supplies may be $ 10,000 (or more) at risk. Until one is established artist grant license (or a personal fortune) to treat this type of investment is often a challenge. Manufacturers walking the show floor and, if interested in art display, start negotiations directly with the artist or artist agent.

The reason that the value is put on display in one of the shows Indeed, nothing can beat personal contact, and bringing all the actors in one place can create and foster relationships interesting and profitable. Other hand, consumption can be very difficult and time as the artist with an online search for companies with which they can work. And many manufacturers, because they do not sell to the public, even have websites (or do not have a website available to the general public). Another method, alternative and complementary reach a huge potential for licensing projects also exist, it is the time and cost. A site called Simply ® license ( href = ""> Some artists can post their work available on the web in the world 24 / 7 to see with potential licensing partners.

Recipe for manufacturer

Manufacturers must design and continues to create new fresh products for their customers. A few years ago, manufacturers turned to award licenses to help refresh their product lines and create new ones. To find artists and manufacturers alike, and especially, believe that their customers want, the manufacturer can instantly diversify its lines of all existing and new products. For manufacturers, there is much less likely to conclude agreements allowed for a large apartment in the house of art.

So now you know how to begin the road to pursue their dreams of successful monetization Art fabulous. Why not start?

About the Author

Simply Licensed® ( was initially conceived in 2005 and officially launched at the Licensing Expo in May of 2006. The owner/developers’ vision was to create a cost-effective way for artists and manufacturers to meet on-line and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the World. The site now boasts a membership of nearly 300 artists, designers and property owners from around the World; page loads of nearly 17,000 per month; and unique visitors averaging over 6,000 per month.  Simply Licensed is now one of the top 5 most widely recognized web sites in the art licensing world.


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