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Where is the cheapest place to have pictures matted/framed in Philadelphia?

I have 4 pictures (irregular sized) that I would like to have nicely matted/framed. Am willing to consider using Michael's or similar store.

cottman glass and mirror, cottman ave

The Joys Of Spring Break And Summertime Children's Art

The Joys of Spring Break and Summer

Arts & Crafts….

by Rhonda Moret

We all know how we can spend hour up summer hour watching our kids engage in their development of junior masterpieces. From finger painting, to drawing, to basic everyday coloring, your child can quickly amass beautiful pieces of art. The question quickly becomes, however, what do we do with all of the artistic treasures our little junior Picasso have developed. I know I have personally been guilty of sneaking a piece or two of artwork in between the different sections of the morning newspaper which was headed for the recycle bin. Mind you…I did feel a panged of guilt when I confiscated these out of my home but I just didn't have even one more square inch of ‘display' area on my refrigerator (I had even begun posting artwork on our surplus frig in the garage!!). But then I found the answers (with the help of my husband…) and here are a few tips I believe moms everywhere will appreciate:

Convert Your Garage into an Art Gallery

At my husband's suggestion, we started "displaying" our kids' artwork in the garage. Not only is it a great way to add some "color and interest" into a typically otherwise drab environment, it is also a great way to keep your child's talents—front and center. My kids' creations are the last thing I see when I am headed off to the office in the morning and the first things I see when I get home in the evening. My kids benefit in that they feel proud that their work is displayed for the whole world see (or just our whole family!).

Frame Your Favorites

I recently started framing my children's really "good" paintings and drawings. I have dedicated a hallway in my home which is lined with my children's artwork. I have bypassed the really pricey frames; with the special non-glare glass, beveled mattes, and specialty frames and found that I could achieve the same look (almost!) by stocking up when stores like Michael's, Joann Fabrics, and Target, are having a sale on frames and mats. I have even picked up frames at the dollar store for – you guessed it – just a buck! In this case as well, I love to see my kid's artwork framed and displayed and they love having their work "showcased".

Portfolios of Love

I have also recently started a "portfolio" of my kids' artwork. I simply scan our favorites (either at home or at our local Kinko's), name and date each "piece", and then once we reach a good number of pages of art, we bind it all together! If it is for a special gift, for grandma, dad, or other loved ones, we incorporate raffia and/or ribbon as the binding to give the "portfolio" at more "festive" look. These portfolios are also a great way for us mom to organize and assemble our children's treasures for our own personal enjoyment as mom's once our children are grown and when long summer day's with our children are distant memories.

Here's to Happy Mom Living;

Rhonda Moret

About the Author

Rhonda Moret is a proud mom of 3 and part time blogger at


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