Maya Road

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Labrador Retriver/ American Pit Bull?!?!?

I have a 2 month old Labrador Retriever mixed with Pit Bull. (Mandy is her name)
I found her on a very busy road. I couldn't leave her there. But I also have a one year old Pomeranian (Maya is her name). Do you think they will get along? I have never had a big dog before, so how much should I feed her, excercise her, etc? How big do you think she will get?
Thank you 🙂

If you have them both, then surely YOU know how they get along. Or you don't have them yet? I'm just confused.

Are you saying you just found her? But you already named her? How do you know what breed she is or how old she is? Confused. Why aren't you trying to find an actual owner before you decide she is yours to keep?


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