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It is my right team FireRed?

I have only 2 plates. Squrtle LV21-Bite, water cannons, mega punch, mega-hit singing Jigglypuff LV18, a book, defense curl, draw pigdeotto lv20-burst, fast attack, tackle lv19 Powder Butterfree ,????- sleep, dust spores pousion, dizziness, confusion Nidoran (female) lv 18?? I do not know??

its very good, but try to keep a constant level and let Butterfree learn attack and this film is very good and get a sixth session as Pokemon Pokemon Fire ... Well, I'm not sure .. because I start always with Pokémon because there arent a lot of fire pokemon the game .. but ill just go with growlith ou can choose

Akilas plastic comb Alphabind CM Manual Binding Machine Review

It is proposed as an alternative to save money Mega Bind Akilas AlphaBind CM offers consumers a durable machine that works best with the letter size documents. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of this machine as we see them.


  1. One thing that we liked from the start on the AlphaBind CM is it has the same rugged construction as its metal more expensive in the line Megabind Akila. If you are going to drill and binding of documents are mostly letter-size hand, the 12 "inch punching throat is ideal for your needs. With the purchase of the CM can AlphaBind roughly the same computer as the heavy line Megabind a price much lighter.
  2. Although, as noted above, the AlphaBind CM is designed primarily for work with letter-size documents, if you want, you can actually make great books using open throat design AlphaBind ™ and bolts Drilling completely disconnected. All you have to do is make a fist, then turn and make another stack. This adds a bit of time to process, if it is something that is a lot you can put your foot in the Megabind.
  3. The CM AlphaBind packs a punch average. In particular, up 25 pages of paper per lift 20 pounds. He is a being very nice for a manual machine, and can retrieve most of their brochures a punch, which greatly increases their overall productivity. With AlphaBind CM will also be able to bind documents that are up 2 inches thick with ease (which is almost as big as you can go with the plastic comb binding) and depth control means of helping your line of books will be both functional and durable.
  4. Another feature I really like CM AlphaBind was his greatest plate of chips. Many other machines skimp on this detail, which means that not only empty it as often as you wish, but Fleas can enter the drilling mechanism and gum up the works. The large tray AlphaBind CM (which is also easily accessible from the front of the machine) which means these will be far fewer problems.


  1. AlphaBind The CM is a nice, hard, rough hand punch, but when all is said and done, remains a manual punch. If you are looking for a machine capable of managing high volume projects on a regular basis, you can look into a machine and electrical characteristics stylus to increase productivity and reduce boredom and fatigue factors.
  2. As mentioned above, the AlphaBind CM is designed to be used in the production of letter size documents mostly. Although is capable of punching and binding more books, whether to do so on a regular basis, you want a machine will work in a punch.


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