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Would you judge me by my hair and air?

OK, I know I'm blonde. but I'm tired of people judging because I am. I am the smartest kid of my classes and if you put something electronic or mechanical front of me I can fix or put together. i love puzzles (math, word, puzzle, etc) now around my friends (I know I'm stupid chip of the Act) i like any child. but I could not have missed three classes because I spent some assurance. however, have said that (literally) could not because she was a daughter and girlfriend, and accused me of cheating. I did not even have a photographic memory or anything. I do not understand. Why people think all blondes are stupid. and in case you're wondering. Yes, I am a natural blonde. I can not dye my hair because my mom would not let me even emphasized, not to mention in my head.

I do not judge you. Sometimes my friends tease me about the blond, but they know I'm joking and I know this is not true. If you really wouldnt pass grades because you're blonde and a girl, he argued. That is discrimination and is unconstitutional.

Donâ € ™ t Let Grey Hair Color your mood

Letâ € ™ s face â € "in the whole world must against aging. Aging is an entirely natural process that should be considered a privilege, not a pain. Take comfort in the fact you are here to enjoy a day in this fascinating world. One of the common signs of aging is a change in your natural hair color.

One day you're a blond, red or brown and may appear as if the night is looking in the mirror to see a full head of gray hair! Firstly, should take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. People across the world of every race, age, origin and face the prospect gray hair. A lucky few retain their natural color of hair throughout his life, but certainly are the exception. Weâ € ™ offer some advice to help you cope with this part of the normal aging process.

Take a bottle of hair dye
If your gray hair really bothers you, you can visit your nearest store to buy a bottle of hair dye. In one hour, you can enjoy hair It was a € € œmiraculouslyâ returns to its original color! traditional hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that were harmful, especially with the use long term. Fortunately, many new dyes contain natural ingredients and are much safer to use.

Consider a Brand new hairstyle
You might be surprised how different a person can not see changing his hairstyle. Some styles focus on different facial features and can complement the particular shape of your face. If you prefer not to dye the gray hair, why not opt for a new Cutting brand instead? Many such sites offer links locks and a style gallery showing many new haircuts, as well as numerous articles care capillaries.

Be proud of their gray hair
Donâ € ™ t let you get gray hair. Think about all the great memories and experiences we shared while his hair was changing color. Gray hair can be seen as a sign that you have lived a full life and hopefully learned a lot in the process. Try to adopt a new attitude to the situation, instead of being upset or annoyed by gray hair. Remember that many cultures view aging positively, rather than simply "old" has gray hair as a sign wisdom that commands respect. Maybe we can all learn from them, and learn to be proud of our gray hair.

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