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childhood memories can be relatively trivial, a more profound impact on the characters ...?

I mean, if we consider two or three cases to be insulted or shouted by a person, in other words, a situation that leaves a child upset or hurt, it may be well established, even if the question seems fairly common and rarely think about or remember this event later in life? But when they look back on it, remember the fear or the exact position of the population or voice or expressions or conviction? I'm curious to note that all:) Thanks for the answers in advance:)

Yes, it has a profound impact on people. I saw someone I had a terrible experience at Barber when he was four. He hated the noise and smell of this place. He never went to the hairdresser again. Has to cut hair at home.

TRESS Memorial under the control and protection of the Ministry of Forests

This plane (Plantus Oreientalis)-Platanceae: about 180 years, the branches with a width of 6 meters and a height of 29 meters. It is located in the upper Lapta and has a circumference of 3.9 meters.
Sycamore (Platantus orientalis L. Platanceae): Located in the upper Lapta in the Ba? p? NAR picnic area that has a height of 26 meters, 3.4 meters in circumference and is estimated at 160 years old.
Lapta Damkoru? U (Lampusae Sedum): another member of the family Lampusae Sedum. With its many flowers greenish brown leaves and fleshy, which is similar to the Kayakoru? U. Their leaves emerging from the root and resembles a rosette. In general, can be found in crevices rocks and old walls across the northern mountains. A single plant can live for 2 - years or more, but die after flowering once between June and August Its name comes the ancient coastal town of Lambousa.
K? Br? Beyaz Keki S? I (Origanum syriacum): the famous grass with lots of branches and clusters a height of more than half a meter is a particularly rich for us. You can see in some places and grassland in Lapta. In the form of a rectangle, It is arranged in four rows of grain and between each sheet of green flower, you can see one or two small white flowers. The strong blade with Come here and has not much hair.
Cyprus Holidays Just as different types of thyme, marjoram, such as oil can also be extracted from a tree this.The, shrubs, plants age and the recovery of soil in the area show in the following table. After the recent fire, most trees and shrubs years in this region were completely destroyed.

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