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Laspses memory and menopause


memory lapses, forgetfulness common problems, events or actions have been noted as one of the problems that affect women during menopause. A problem of memory shortage can become serious or have a negative impact on your life affects where ONEA € ™ s daily activities and may cause delay in the execution work or your appointments.

A situation in which one sometimes forgets the names of friends or work colleagues can be considered minor. More serious omissions usually decrease ONEA € ™ s short-term memory function. Consequently, most women who suffer from failures electricity during menopause can remember old events as things that have taken place for years, but can not remember recent events, like the one just left your car keys or what you had yesterday for lunch or a character € ™ s name.

There are many causes of memory loss during perimenopause and menopause, but it is generally considered to be due to gradual decrease of estrogen, which causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. Reduce estrogen levels have an enormous effect a woman € ™ s body and mind are the cause of many symptoms of menopause. This condition in turn leads to several changes, not only in terms of body, but also in person € ™ s mental fitness.

Experts generally believe that the memory lapses during menopause are more the result of physical changes in the body, mainly on the lower level of estrogen production. In fact, Estrogen controls the hormone cortisol - in particular acetylcholine - which regulates the functions of neurotransmitters (chemicals that Brain cells communicate with each other). When the level of estrogen in the body expires at menopause, cortisol can control more, therefore, neurotransmitters begin to fail, leading to recall bias. Estrogen is also involved in the bloodstream and support vessels to expand and increase blood flow to the brain. Therefore, control of estrogen imbalance is an essential step towards reducing the disturbing memory lapses.

As with all the symptoms of menopause change of lifestyle can greatly benefit your body and mind. Areas that can affect your body during perimenopause and menopause: patterns of sleep, poor diet, excess alcohol and tobacco, snuff, anxiety and fatigue. Improving nutrition and stress reduction techniques like yoga, or even enhance fitness through regular exercise and sports soft. In the United Kingdom and over 14 other countries in the world, women are to relieve from a peripheral non-natural medication to relieve symptoms of menopause and hormone balance natural your body. Ladycare offers women an easy choice to help restore the natural hormonal balance. More information can be found in

Take time for yourself, relax and try not to dwell on the situation. Try to plan your day and activities allow time to complete all daily tasks. These simple ideas have a positive effect.

Comment on this page are solely for informative purposes. We do not medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem or replace professional advice a qualified medical expert.

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