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How I can help my old 3 3/4year do things for himself, especially in the morning before daycare?

Eat breakfast brushing teeth, bathroom and change. Anyone can do it independently, but in general. My wife and I want to encourage our children to be independent. I proposed an hourglass to define the parameters of time for activities and a reward system, such as a wall chart. Next to each daily activity, could put a sticker and if it did 4 with little or no aid, she won a prize shortly. Also take a snapshot with the memories of the time it was very helpful and everyone was happy. Everything is visual and tactile and the rewards are immediate. Few worried, with emphasis on the poor boy so. Any comments, suggestions?

When I want my kids is something I dressed, I told them I'm going to dress or hair, etc. and go to the race to see who is faster, then when they win (they always do lol) i pretend that I'm upset and angry that makes you laugh at the same time want to keep winning. You can do this with anything, "I'll brush my teeth, I bet I finished before your breakfast "or" I bet I can get dressed faster than you. I swear it works, try it! Then stupid act only at the end, what makes them laugh and took the gravity and pressure situations.

Advice and guidance to improve the short-term memory of a child

Children have a great capacity to store and acquire new skills. While young people are surprised by the amount of information they may collect. Children can also store and process information quickly. You can help to develop simple games that you can exercise your mind and make it much more enjoyable for them.

This concept is similar when applied to improve the child's capacity for short-term memory. If the activities of memory designed as a game, who are willing to participate, without knowing all the time they acquire new knowledge and improve your memory.

The memory game - Many of us have tried these versions of the card game "Memory". Put the cards face down and return it, both. If you're a couple, they remain as they are up and the game continues. If the cards to the difference, they will be covered again and the next player to try his luck.

This game is an excellent example of training to remember anything "in this case, to win the game. Used regularly, this game is effective to improve their short-term memory. The children are happy to play this game without realizing that they are improving memory short term. You can choose to use normal Playing Cards, or a single card game, toy stores, or even make Your Own set of cards the knowledge they want to absorb. Soon, you find that your short-term memory has improved when they see who remember the position of the map at right.

Audible - simple games can also help children improve their auditory short-term memory. Making fun and pleasant young enhance their ability to remember things in the short term without much fuss.

You can view a list of items such as colors or objects into the game and read the list for young people and get them to remember and pen list in the order you read it. You can add any any number of items each time you play this. Given some time, students will be able to remember the correct sequence elements easily. These games are effective in improving short-term memory in young and are interesting and can be played anytime and anywhere which, without too much hassle.

To create an incentive when it comes to increase the short-term memory of a child, implement a reward system for playing games. A child instinctively do more to win a game when they know there is a reward involved.

Simple Gifts, toys, stickers and seals are relatively cheap and useful to encourage young people to participate in games that stimulate the memory capacity short term. Natural competition also contributes to increase the short-term memory, such as children trying to do to each other during the exercises.

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Moses Wright believes that a child should receive memory improvement training when growing up. He sets up a site to help parents to improve their child memory.


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