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Is there a way to shrink a wool sweater without felt?

I tried to knit a sweater (I'm 90% done with it) and seems a little large (I think this may be because I lost 5-10 pounds between the sweater when I start ... a dot pitch ... and now.) I do not want the frog and re-united. I want shrink, but I will not be silenced as I always like individual points must be distinct. Is there a way to reduce my sweater without turning it into a large block of felt? It is to weave Patons classic merino wool. (Son Wool 100%) ** Please only serious answers from people who know what they're talking ... No suggestions of people who are making assumptions .... I do not want to ruin my shirt to treat somebody that I thought perhaps a good idea, but has no wool or narrowing / experience of weaving, etc. **

Wash a wool sweater to reduce it feels, that's what works felt and fabric is small. Depending on how much larger than you want, you may be able to shape the freeze, but if two or three sizes too big now and you have to pull reknit because it will be reformed and much smaller. Now is washing the apples, put it in a lingerie bag, fill the washer with hot water (yes, you really can do on the ice if you do what I tell you exactly), add a little wool wash as the Mountain Meadows Eucalan (none of them has to be washed no) Woolite, which is bad for your Handknits. Place the bag in the washing machine and push underwater. Turn the machine long enough to let the jersey is completely wet (approximately 30 seconds) and turn off the machine. The sweater soak for half an hour. Then move the machine cycle to rotate and turn the water for approximately one minute, or until most of water came out of the machine. Take the bag sweater, place on a flat surface covered with towels, size and shape, smooth wrinkles and dry. You can take a day or two with a change of towels after the first day and turning more to be dry. DO NOT run the shirt through the wash cycle. If this scares you, fill the sink with hot water add washing wool sweater was soaking, drain the water from the sink, push as much water as you can about the sweater, but do not touch it, put it in a pillowcase and do it. Move the pillow closed around for several minutes to get the most amount of water you can put on the shirt front to be flat to dry as above.

Debbie Bliss knitting yarn, full range of D € ™ s world finest wool

Woollen Debbie Bliss is one of best quality wool. Wool is a term commonly used to describe a thread often in the skin of a sheep, but other sources and types of wool is so soft and flexible than € ™ s wool.

Types of wool

Debbie Bliss knitting yarns like Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Merino, son and Debbie Bliss Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran Murphy Fez, among others, the wool is considered one of the highest quality wool. Wool sheep is closed and their scales overlap, making it one of the most favorite wool. However, the following are other popular sources and types of wool: yak wool, alpaca, goats, llamas and rabbits.

  1. "Alpaca" wool is obtained from the alpaca, a race pet camel in South America as ungulates alpacas and llamas. For some alpaca wool, wool is the most beautiful world, because is pure, strong and flexible compared to wool from sheep.
  1. Angora first is better than what is taken directly from the festival. It is beautiful in its natural, because it is the free fall in its natural state fabulous colors: black and white. This fiber is more than 2 ½ â € length. The Debbie Bliss wool fabric with stunning combination of soft cotton and is soft angora Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora.
  1. Kashmir Fiber is one of the most expensive in the world because of their rarity. Is derived from the fine under hair of goats in Asia is widespread falconeri only once a year, spring, producing only 100 150 g This layer is a cashmere fiber diameter of less than 19 microns, is ultra-thin and very dense part of the wool with excellent heat retention allows goats falconeri to withstand extremely cold weather at higher altitudes 5000 m. its distinctive soft and unique are its high thermal insulation properties. Goat Falconeri € ™ s lives and breeds in China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iran. Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Debbie Bliss Cashmerino thick and are among the Debbie Bliss knitting wool and cashmere suggestion.
  1. At first, this thread is only used for clothing of Sultan. Tissue Debbie Bliss wool at the tip of Angora son is a luxury.

Debbie Bliss wool point is one of the most popular wool because of its excellent quality which makes it very pleasant to knit, even for the beginning of knitters. In general, it is recommended Beginners should start knitting with wool because of its flexibility, quality elastic and resistant to easy knitting.

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