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Where I can get Mickey & Minnie Mouse shoes?

dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, what should I do with shoes? big yellow As ... http://www.cartooncollectables.co.uk/media/gbu0/cat/344px-Mickey_Mouse_svg.png http://www.brentbutler.com/images/pics/1137639432.jpg then

Disney Store! Lolz

The day I fell in love with Mickey

I hate cats. No, the more accurate term would be feared. Iâ € ™ m afraid cats creatures, so that every time I see a picture of a cat, I hasten to outside the other direction. And when I say even I want to say anything remotely close to a cat. Hello Kitty is no exception. Whenever someone gives me a Hello Kitty theme, vehemently deny touch. I donâ € ™ t care if they could see that I am not satisfied with their choice of gift, I Wona € ™ t put a hand on it. You call me rude, but donâ € ™ t coarser than to give something to someone frightens them? Yes € ™ s as I thought.

I'm not a big fan of dogs either. I half expected to be filled best friend Mana € ™ s, and experience is enough to cut my dogs. Compared with cats, I really have nothing against them. I imagined my neighbor € ™ s vicious dog think should sink their sharp teeth to anyone who comes through the white door, and I was not the only guy in the neighborhood that has been bitten. However, it remains Wona € ™ t see me kiss a puppy no matter how Nice or type or amount of a friend he is. Yes, Snoopy is cute and combination Black and white is a nice touch, but Charlie Brown extroverted Beagle € ™ s do something for me.

While everyone is filling the room with Hello Kitty and Snoopy things like pillow cases, lamps and clocks, I was looking for an animal character that is perfect for my taste. I told him not to Garfield course. Donald Duck has a strange voice. Bugs Bunny is too smart for my taste. Tweety Bird is so childish. Taz can not talk and eat in the garbage. Winnie the Pooh always seems that filling of honey in the mouth. Eeyore is depressing. I could go on and on.

Iâ € ™ m sorry if you idolize some of the characters I mentioned, Iâ € ™ m not trying to fight with you. Iâ € ™ m merely state the facts why not choose as my hero animals. I could not remain as someone demanding, but if I must choose a single blow to my cartoon Favorite animals could be as selective as I can be.

I woke up earlier than usual on Saturday morning and instead of singing â € Huckleberry Hound œOh my love, oh my dear € Clementine, display TV Mickey Mouse. I heard Mickey before the Sabbath (which Hasna € ™ t, anyway?) but havenâ € ™ t seen any of their shows yet. So, while I poured milk in my bowl of Trix, I'm in the room and staring at the TV. Since then, my Saturday begins at eight o'clock instead of nine.

I love Mickey Mouse. I Cana € ™ t really pinpoint why, but from the moment he looked into the tube, I became a fan. It tries so as to impress Minnie and Pluto is its good. It is not childish or deception. Mickey is so common, that resembles a real human being.

Even now that I'm turning my twenty two years, I still collect Mickey Mouse items. I have posters, DVDs of their shows, and comics. I have lots of towels, bedding with matching pillow cases, a clock wall clock, wristwatch, necklace, bracelet, desk lamp, either. Dona i € ™ t know when Iâ € ™ ll stop the search of Mickey Mouse in every topic imaginable, probably ever.

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