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The end of Pirates of the Caribbean

The end of Pirates of the Caribbean

Cherie Pugh

Cherie Pugh discovered the true history of pirates in Nassau As you navigate through the Caribbean in a traditional wooden boat. She found Court records of their trial in London, and spent years researching and writing his novel of pirates "Mary Read - Sailor, soldier, pirate. "

The final pirate son is now available as an ebook or book Pocket

At its peak, the Brothers of the Sea was a loss of thousands of pirate organization, in companies of hundreds of men, large fleets of ships. And the corrupt governors of the colonies New World were more than happy to trade with the pirates, instead of buying expensive products imported from Europe.

[For more information on the pirate's life, see my article

"Real Pirates of the Caribbean"]

Then, King George lost patience with the inability of its navy to hunt down pirates, especially because the commanders were too busy making their fortune escorting merchant ships of up to one quarter of the load. Most king offered a pardon, which halved the number of pirates, happy to return home after a long exile, for fear of the gallows. He started the radical step of paying for government employees rank of a wage sufficient to save the necessity of making the bribe money - until then the current practice. Also increased the powers Governors to hang whole allocation for pirates, instead of captains and mayors. This is justified by a vicious smear campaign stressed to the pirates were bloodthirsty psychopaths Barbe, half mad with smallpox. In fact, Blackbeard and his crew were based at St. Thomas, then the Americas, and were not welcome in Nassau.

[For More information on Nassau, see my section

"Nassau - Pirate Haven in the Caribbean]

John Haman designed and built boats of pirates in the port of the island in the Bahamas, and based his design on the boats of the pirates of Malacca, "ready to run faster the attack, which were based on the Arab dhows. Little Draught and agile, the pirate sloops were much better to navigate the treacherous reefs of the Caribbean and benches. His small fleet of sloops, schooners fast, all new sails and wings of birds beak, slipped beneath the waters of any breezes. Despite or because of its small size, which easily surpassed, sailed and fought off clumsy, square sails, huge ships of the Navy. The The Netherlands has provided an effective defense against the Spanish invasion on small, lightly armed against fishing boats large Spanish galleons, and these lessons have not been lost on the pirates. Thousands of them have prospered in the Caribbean for 1715, in companies of hundreds of men fleet of fast ships.

King also sent Captain George Rogers Woodes Nassau on pirates. During the war of the Queen Anne Rogers had enough gold to finance the Spanish campaign in England against the French domination. When he departed with his fleet in Nassau, Captain Vane received him with ships fire and forced to leave. However, that night, supporters of Vane melted him. Given their love of liberty, and reputation for arrogance Vane, they decided to live like the English in an English colony, with a governor, not as subjects of a king of the pirates. When the governor went out again the next day morning Vane only stayed long enough to fire a volley of him, and fled through the incredibly narrow East. Anne Bonny, a man going through, He sailed with him.

[For more information on the female pirate, see my article

"Mary Read and Anne Bonny - Pirates of the Caribbean Women "]

Woodes Rogers was an ambitious Puritan governor, with little time for women, and no brothers. It does not include the provision of pirates to surrender, and he was sure he would mutiny against him. Rogers had brought settlers from Europe, but the rains have brought the fever, and most of them buried in a few weeks. The brothers' firm, and when he insisted as slaves to build strong against a Spanish attack expected, many rejected the sea When the Spaniards finally attacked, the other brothers easily dismiss Rogers but still feared.

Without any support from their government, Rogers was soon deeply in debt, and forced health ruined and reputation, to return to England for help, when his creditors were imprisoned for debt. He returned to Nassau with time, and robots party Government has finally succeeded in Nassau.

When basic naval commanders in the colonies using the money to equip local governors fleet of small sloops, were finally able to defy the pirates. When Rogers sailed to Nassau, had sloops with him, but dared not move narrow channel through the paddle is the port of Nassau. However, Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet had both been captured by navy boats caught in the marshes, rivers shallow major American and blew into a thousand pieces. Bonnet crew was hanged en masse, before dying of his wounds. Jack also was finally captured by Rackham's sloop Jamaica of the Navy, although the wild women in his team struggle against their attackers almost alone.

Pirates of the Caribbean made a great flight, murder and very little, and have been persecuted and murdered by a government that had Crime dropped in the first place. That the British government has justified the slaughter by tarnishing its reputation for centuries is an injustice which must be Corrected now. The truth is that the pirates were sailors Caribbean brilliant, desperate for their own leaders. They States under a government ethics, and has always lived by fair rules, which is more than can be said that his government trained until they are the best sailors in the world. The British government, in its contempt for the sailors who have made a great nation, created the Pirates of the Caribbean. When they brought the world trade order, the pirates were then destroyed by the British Government, with exactly the same contempt.

The final pirate son is now available as an ebook or paperback

About the Author

When sailing the Caribbean in a tgraditional wooden ketch, the Nordvag, I re-discovered the story of Mary Read, who lived as a man and ended a pirate; and her young American friend, Anne Bonny, who lived openly as a woman rover.
I found the Court Records at the Public Records Office in Kew,and after years of research, wrote "Mary Read - Sailor, Soldier, Pirate".
Re-creating the life of Mary Read has been a labour of love, as well as the work of half a lifetime. Learning about the real pirates of the Caribbean made it worth it.
If you want to read "Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate", go to


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