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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Mill Hill Kit products and information here meets your needs.

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where can i find henna classes in mill hill. that are not expensive?

where can i find henna classes, i really want to do henna classes, i live in mill hill, and i want classes that aren't expensive.

where is mill hill? what state?
there is a great intensive class coming up. go here for info.
their kits are great and you can get started that way also

Xenon HID conversion kits shooting problems and solutions

HID installation troubleshooting and resolution


1. Questions: HID kit work normally after the installation, but the instrument panel Display a warning. "

(For example: Audi A4 1.8T, BMW 06, near Sagitar, May Tang, Rui-ming, Fox, near Volvo, Peugeot 206, etc.)

Principle: The original car 50W to 60W is, but the 35W HID kit is some luxury cars have the PC-board diagnostic system (EOBD System) and EOBD detect this "does not match" So bring on the "warning" or stray light when you turn on the light.


  • Use resistance Special relay harness (25W) can solve the problem, 25W 35W, 60W only, the party of power with the car kit is then passed EOBD control.
  • Replacing the 50W and 50W ballast bulb, but can also solve the problem.
  • Using special ballast;
  • install anti-jamming

2. Question: After installation, panel PC car damaged by the circuit interference electromagnetism.

For example, Buick LaCrosse, Buick Lu regard, Cheung modern Royal Premium, coupe, Grand Cherokee

Principle: The car uses a special electronic circuit, is likely to hinder, After installing HID kit, easy or plate damage the circuit Flicker of Light "or output.


  • It is solved by the particular configuration of ballast circuit dedicated.
  • install anti-jamming

3. Questions: After installing the bulb flashes hard, sometimes or often, or both bulbs not brilliant at the same time and so on.

For example: 06 BMW X5, 3251.5201, Mercedes-Benz S350, S500, Land Rover, BMW 3 Series, etc.


  • See the current line of work lights are normal.
  • Adding a special decoder install flash drive and resolve gaps in the current. It has been successfully resolved the case:

A, B Ford, C Skoda, the public Yu D, E Sagitar, May Tang

3. See the traffic signal through the computer, if adopted, the decoders needed to be spent to return to normal. (The Mercedes-Benz, BMW and a special decoder)

4. Question: Because H4 H / L is the light is necessary to match the tens of installation of lights, unlike the screen will address the effect of the difference, it is possible that the low beam or road is astigmatism after installation, please contact the driver and tell the turth.

Such as: 1. Polaris own attention bad is to suggest that the replacement of the special meeting or Polaris H / L of the plant.

  • Hyundai Tucson, you must use special H / L which has the lowest base.
  • Former GL8, Mitsubishi Montero, swallows, bluebirds all be astigmatism, should be of use Special H4 H / L bulb.

5. Question: The detection circuit of the light 07 and 08 MBZ S350, 5 Classic and Classic BMW 7 kits are lasted, it would be preferable to install the bulbs and ballast 50w special anti-interference.

6. Questions: After installing the system in the underground, when you turn on the car radio, not the problem interference that the parking lights.

Principle: Individual hid ballast and car radio are incompatible. Sometimes, management Ballast is installed can also lead to this problem.

Solution: Change the position of the ballast or adjust the direction to install Ballast can solve the problem in any condition. Only the ballast tanks may solve the interference problem unique.

7. Question: I just installed the HID system and everything works well with the system, but recently they cann't light changing road and low beams. Upon checking, found that the fuse has blown away. But the problem persists after replacing the fuse when you turn on the light.

Principle: Short


First, check carefully the circuit to watch the weather there is any coating broken, the connection wiring covered with plaster or not, and connected on the right track or not, remove and install a new ballast, try to see the weather always consist of a short circuit. If everything else is fine and then change the wiring plant.

8. Questions: Some molds make the luxury car turned over after 10 seconds, is in one and the other is off.

Principle: Well, it occurred because of the current weakness. 8.5A Ballast HID need or what to start (after the clams 3.5A or less 1 or 2 mins.) But Most car circuit current lighthouse was developed in the original 5.5A and 6.5A, the current carrying low, so that only 1 set of HID can be enough starting current, then the left 1 game is off. This occurred in some luxury cars.


  • Add 1 tour scheduled return, receives power directly from the car battery.
  • Check the connection between the end of ballast 12V input and to know the weather are cowards. The loose connection may cause a small current HID low when the car is running and trembling, when the car uphill and downhill for example.
  • href = ""> HID light is the high intensity discharge lamp, the ballast has increased the pressure circuit high protection, when the abnormal situation, ballast works well, but this type of problem persisted. If Please feel free to send us the ballast to verify and test.

9. Questions: I just installed an H4 H / L shift kit, the work of one, the other does not, but in motion, you can.

Principle: This can occur when the connection status is not good Big, bad spark plug wire or plug and play power input on the bad way.

Solution: change the sheet to form cons.

10 questions: Hyundai Coupe and HID kit installed, start the engine and turn on the light, the light is "flashing" or leave, but stop the engine and turn on light, light work normally.

Principle: After installing HID kit, HID light work normally when the engine is off. After starting the engine, the light will flash "or output indicators of disk failure is highlighted in the same time. The reason is to control the lamp auto line need to overcome the examination system by the Car PC, however, the principle Working and HID power is different from the halogen lamp, so that the "verification" can not get a signal HID kit, we will verify the failure.

Solution: Our company has a design of the Auto PC Audit specail relay harness can match the HID kit.

11 questions: Passat HID kit installed after, audio CDs automatically stops when the change of route and crossing Why?

Principle: The reason is the frequency pulse resulting from the implementation HID kit is the same as the frequency of cars pulse frequency to the car receives a bad signal to the audio CD is a pause.

Solution: Our company has been designing a special ballast car PC system failure, the problem may be solved after installation.


12. Questions: The population of the lamp is too small Buick Excelle to the bulbs in. How can I solve this problem?

Solution: Drill only action of the lamp to a larger (Note: pls drilling pads with their hands in the hole, where the residual dust caused unnecessary problems.


13. Questions: Why the high / low light can be turned on, but can not change the other after I installed the light of HID bi-xenon Mazda M6?

Principle: is the result of defects in electrical circuits.

Solution: First, check the headlight circuit of origin circuit and the input power of ballast, if there is no problem with them. Then pls leave if the fuse in the harness and the car was disabled by merger. If all goes well, pls, then just change the plug connectors, plugs coz can be plugged into a bad way


14. Questions: How to adjust the light?

Solution: First, park the car to about 10 meters from the wall with his right hand in the direction he (Tips: You can make a mark for the distance exact)

Note: To adapt to the light, the car must be below the level of normal load, without additional charge.

2. Turn on the lights, pls notice of the opening that was projected on the wall, which is the basis for adaptation. The distance between the midpoint between two lights in front tread should be the same distance projected on the wall. Otherwise, the progress of the adjustment will be made according to the stage 3;

The distance between the center point of light right on the ground must be the same as the distance between the center point of the appropriate light to form projected on the wall. Although the distance between the center point of light left should be 10 cm higher.

3. adaptation of them in the same line. The light should project to the left later, on the contrary, the right light can be thrown slightly to the right. Because you can enlighten towards the right hand and let you all see more clearly in the fog.

4. pls refer to a light with a thick cloth to Property adjust for changes in the beam of light from a light. To this end, you must prepare 2 screwdrivers (one for adjusting the height of the beam light and the other to adjust the width of it)


15. Questions: How to inspect the light bulb lit, and what is the solution if it is unable to enlighten?

Solution: The reasons why many bulbs can not be turned on: the battery? No ballast or bulb is more work? supplier of power or the fuse is broken? imperfect connection with the electric company? misconnecting supplier of poles energy. According to these reasons, we can eliminate one by one.

  • check if the bulb is viable.

If the problem with the bulb, the bulb to let out the sound when connected to power (sometimes there is no electrical spark Within the bulb). If the ballast does not allow any noise that means the problem does not lie in the bulbs.

  • check if the deck is viable.

implement the whole system with another ballast. If the bulb does not light, this means that the ballast is not viable.

  • whether the pole is that it incorrectly.

Connect clusters Conversely, if the lamp is still light, it means that the problem is not the point.

  • check the fuse is disabled because the merger.

This inspection may be made directly with their eyes, or with the help of an electric meter Universal lower after firing fuse.

  • check if the battery is viable.

Replace the battery again to see if you can bulb. If not, again, then there is no problem with the battery.

  • If you still can not see main problem, after all the above steps Please check the cable circuit. Make sure everything is properly connected free of play the connection point.
  • change other wire ring-up

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