Millefiori Glass Beads

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Where I can buy Millefiori square beads?

I love the look of Murano glass beads, especially the grains of 10 mm square. I am a fan green, but I am not satisfied with the few online sites that sell them. Firemountaingems bought and am happy with the quality and price, but I really wanted more color (preferably green, white, pink, etc.). Most web sites have no pearls of this type or quality / variety is low in my opinion. Any ideas where I can find Murano glass beads 10mm square? Thanks.

If you do not need real pearls glass "millefiori" pattern, you can always make your own with polymer clay. Are indistinguishable from the original commercial accounts, but may have more models, etc. If you are interested in some time, check out at least two pages of my polymer clay "encyclopedia" site for lessons, examples, tips, etc, etc: Instructions.htm HTH, Diane B.

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