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Microeconomics question I can not answer?

1. How does the income approach to measuring GDP differs from the approach of the costs? Explain the meaning of value and importance in the income approach. Consider the following data for the selling price of each stage production of a five-pound bag of flour sold by retailer. Calculate the final market value of the flour. Farmers Production Phase Price Miller $ 0.30 $ 0.50 $ 1.00 $ 1.50 Wholesale Grocery

The focus of the total revenue income for all factors of production and other money received by the due process. The focus of expenditure is the amount spent on consumption total, investment, government purchases, net exports. The added value which means that at each stage of basic raw materials for the individual final good is add to the costs paid by the final consumer. When someone lends itself to a given stage, the money received will be added to GDP as income using the method income (for the expenditure approach, the final consumer is added to GDP, and only production in the year, otherwise the value is in investment grade). For this example, the farmer produces corn, $ 0.30 payment is the amount of value added, and the amount added to GDP. The miller of wheat has become flour, and payment of $ 0.50 includes charge of $ 0.30, plus the added value of $ 0.20 and $ 0.20 is added to GDP, at this point. The Wholesale makes this available in many places and meet payment of the $ 1.00 retail cover the cost of $ 0.50 plus the value added of $ 0.50 and $ 0.50 is added to GDP at this time. The shopkeeper, who is the final retailers that offer this possibility to the people in the audience in the quantities and locations for them, their payment of $ 1.50 covers the cost of $ 1.00 on the added value of $ 0.50 and $ 0.50 is added to GDP, this point. The sale price of $ 1.50 for groceries is the final market value of the flour. I think it would be more realistic than the farmer and the grocer receives a percentage less than 1, $ 50, and the wholesaler receives more.

Buy organic? The new labeling rules should be easier

Many people in America have started to buy food organic. The organic food sales jumped from 180 million in 1980 to over 6.5 billion dollars last year, not only in stores natural food, but also grocery stores. In fact, the grocery sales composed of fifty-six percent of organic food sales in the last year. Although organic food sales represent only two percent of national food sales, the organic market has finally begun to rise especially on Wall Street. Experts expect that figure will more than double by 2010. The USDA has finally published a definition official of what is considered "organic" food in response to strong sales growth. It is also developing labeling standards must be in force this summer. Until recent months, a definition of what qualifies as organic food really not even exist. During the last decade and conventional farmers agricultural organizations have discussed the need for labeling Federal organic products. The fear that eco-labels would create an unfair bias against conventional products has enabled conventional farmers to encourage labeling. In December, the Grocery Manufactures of America actually complained to about the new organic standards, arguing that the new labels are misleading consumers to believe that organic products are safer and more nutritious. The agricultural secretary denies the accusation of bias indicates that although the organic seal more value to organic products, the label does not mean that organic foods are safer or more nutritious. Of course, users of organic food often believe that organic foods are safer, because they contain fewer pesticides, more nutritious because they contain more trace minerals and nutrients, and also better for the environment because the practices of growth are more respectful of the earth, sky and water.

The new rules will result in the USDA organic best for your money because of an official and national level so that food can be called organic. We now know with certainty that the food you buy organic do not contain synthetic pesticides and no chemicals added. Organic farmers also do not use genetic engineering, without irradiation and fertilization of wastewater. In addition, cattle raised in those rules must be given 100 per cent organic and not treated with antibiotics. Before standardization, consumers often had to rely on the labeling misleading claims on organic products. Even with the new rules, the question is whether it is better to buy organic. Americans who consume organic foods often have substantially higher costs of food by months. In fact, in 1998, the average cost of organic foods have been fifty-seven percent more than conventional foods. In addition, a recent report on 20/20 stated that organic foods contain harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. However, physicians increasingly believe that food biologics are safe and well worth the extra cost. Doctors argue that organic food often believe that the cumulative effects of toxins in our food, water and air can be extremely harmful to our health. They also believe that anything we can do to reduce the toxins is sentence.

If you only have a small budget, but wants to go organic, there are still things you can do. Some foods are more known for residues pesticides than others. Start by buying them, if you can only buy limited quantities of organic food. Citrus foods are generally high risk because of their thick skin, and asparagus, bananas, cauliflower, broccoli, cherries, corn, onion, pineapple, sweet peas, and watermelon. These are considered by the FDA and EPA for cleaner food ten. Also, remember to wash all products you buy, whether or not it is organic. You can take a regular antioxidant supplement that help the body eliminate toxins found in the products. Most importantly, be sure to keep eating fruits and vegetables, which are essential to good health.

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