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My dog has a big lump !?!?!? PURPLE

ahhh this is my first pet, and I have fear! Shes about 5-7 months, Fox Terrier Mini Fox terrier cross. I noticed 2 days ago at his side ... She has been neutered, and not as stitches .. I do not if your breasts or private party .... anyway, I found a piece of about 5 mm wide, and today I looked again and 2 cm of inflammation in your skin! it sorta looks like a man light bulb? but its really purple! Just this morning since this afternoon was perhaps enlarged by almost a cm! I can not go to a veterinarian within 3 days! I could always pay more (much) for situations emergency .. Is it so urgent? What could be? Is it serious?

If you are growing so fast, you need a vet now. Yes, lead to an emergency veterinarian. No mud around something that could be dangerous.

Brother Embroidery Cards

The embroidery refers to a craftsman beautification of various tissues or other materials. This is done with Using needles, son and son. As it is, embroidery, could lead to the use of various materials such as feathers, beads, pearls, sequins and metal bands. One of the most striking aspects of this refers to embroidery, is that their basic techniques of sewing, which appears in the first works, like chain stitch, point forward, to the point, buttonhole or blanket stitch and Cross, continue to be used in hand embroidery, even today.

However, embroidery is not an easy task and requires years of practice to acquire adequate knowledge in this regard. Thus, to help those who are not proficient in embroidery, many other products have on the market, the embroidery cards is one of them. If you want to do embroidery and embroidered cards can be of great help to you.

These days, a wide range of embroidery cards are readily available on the market in a variety of designs and styles. Of all the different types of cards are available embroidery cards embroidery brother really excels in terms of popularity. Brother Embroidery available CardD an extensive collection of embroidery cards that can be used to create truly magnificent creations.

Some of Popular options in this regard:

Brother SA3723

This impressive collection of over fifty drawings is a great way to stun everyone with skills of embroidery. Designs include those vegetables, groups, seed packets, boundaries vegetable crate labels, patterns and mini-vegetables. Most of these models are available in three or four size options. With the help of the mesh CD vegetables vermilion incredible that you can decorate a number of projects with a wide range of colorful vegetables.

Brother SA366

This is another option amazing for you. With over twenty-five drawings including fashion Smiley Faces, the peace sign, flowers of Hawaii and the yin / yang symbol, the SA366 is best for jeans, sweaters, backpacks, and clothing or accessories, several other of his family.

Brother SA356

Is a Another good option for you. This card allows the use of embroidery hoops specialty that you can combine several designs and eliminate or at least reduce the need to re-hoop fabric. Works on all Brother embroidery machines.

Besides the above-SA343, brother, brother SA360, SA298 SA328 Brother, Brother SA306D Brother SA348, SA358 and SA342 Brother alternatives great help in this regard.

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