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Is this a good sewing machine?

Hi all, I want to buy this: 3A1205% | 66% 3A2 | 65% 3A12 | 39% 3A1 | 240% 3A1318 | 301% 3A0 | 293% 3A2 | 294% 3A50 I hope the link works .. Anyway, before I lose money, I really want to know if that's good. Has anyone used something like this before? If you have, if Please share your experience with me. : D Oh and please do not spam replies just want to know if it's worth the money to spend or not, I do not need something big, I just want something small and efficient. In addition, if you find something better to navigation International please post links, thanks!

Pretty useless. You can do a better job with an office stapler. And I'm not rude low cost - A Sewing machines that was rescued at the curb the night before garbage collection, another was $ 10 at a garage sale. Pennys ~ / Questions common / What I smfaq.htm for beginners to sew: - a machine that does not scare you - a machine that does not resist (cheap new machines are often reluctant or need a change in frequency and seldom can be repaired - good zigzag (4-5 mm is fine, the more the sauce) - - Just too frustrating to learn) - Very good point of law to a method of making buttonholes that makes sense to you - adjustable presser foot pressure (which helps management issues of the fabric) - accessory presser feet that do not cost an arm and a leg (machines that use a "short shank foot" typically handle generic presser feet pretty well. Some brands of machines use proprietary or very expensive levers) If the budget stretches far enough: - blind hem stitch invisible point stretch - triple zigzag (nice for elastic applications) - a couple of decorative stitches (do not use nearly as much as you think) - electronic machine for control of needle position and because stepper motors will "Drilling force" to stop sewing speed - mechanical machines often will stall at low speed. Please be the best sewing machine dealers around and ask him to show some machines in your price range, especially * used machines you can afford. You get a machine used much better than buying new ones, and a good dealer is worth their weight in sewing machine needles when you have a machine problem - that You can often talk the problem over the phone. If you try it, try some machines (sewing, not combo sewing-embroidery) over your price limit, so you can see what the difference in stitch quality and ease of use might be. You may find that you want to go for the used Cadillac. Or you may want the new basic Chevy. It may well try both. Suggested reading: John Giordano's Sewing Machine Book (especially for used machines), Carol Ahles Fine 'sewing machine (especially the first and last chapters) and Gale Grigg owner manual Hazen for sewing machines, sergers, and knitting machines. All these elements are likely to be available public library. I used to look for brands including: Elna, Bernina, Viking / Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer (pre 1970), Juki, Toyota New Brand to negotiate "I probably would choose: Janome (who also does Kenmore).


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