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Should I make a lot of cupcakes, individual cakes or buy a cake?

Im doing my daughters birthday princess themed and i was wondering if i should make a whole bunch of cupcakes, or a lot of individual present cakes( they are small square cakes that look like tiny presents) which i think are adorable but don't know if i should make those, cupcakes, or buy a sheet cake which costs 45-50 dollars which im trying to spend the least amount of money possible because i still need to rent the tables and chairs but want to make her a beautiful birthday party without it looking real cheap..


At some time, almost every little girl dreams of a princess birthday party. With affordable decorations, creative tips for a birthday cake, and exciting party games, parents won’t have to spend a king’s ransom on the occasion.
Invitations for the Princess Theme Birthday Party

Theme invitations for a princess party are easy to make with some parchment paper, a glitter glue stick, and silver ribbons.

1. Print messages on parchment paper.
2. Decorate with glitter.
3. Roll invitations into scrolls.
4. Seal with tape and tie with a silver ribbon.

Food for the Princess Theme Birthday Party
Parents who want a simpler option can decorate a sheet cake with pink roses and use the same princess dolls on top. Cupcakes topped with ice-cream cones at each corner of the cake make excellent castle towers.

For a simple main dish, planners can set out silver trays bearing Snow White’s apples accompanied by cheese crackers, carrot sticks, and other finger foods.

A royal punch can be whipped together by mixing equal portions of strawberry sherbet with ginger ale. Of course, the pink beverage has the best effect when served in disposable party goblets.
Decorations for a Princess Theme Birthday Party

Here are a few affordable suggestions for party decorations. This elegant décor will brighten up the yard and make for great video or photo ops.

* Parents can paint a refrigerator box pink, cut away the top, and trim the upper edges to resemble turrets. An arch shaped doorway and windows will complete the effect. Crowns, tiaras, wands, boas, high heels, a satin pillow, mirrors, and other princess props can be stashed in the castle to entertain guests while everyone arrives.
* Princess dolls, stuffed dragons, unicorn figurines, or play castles from the birthday girl’s toy box will go a long way as affordable centerpieces and table toppers.
* Party favors such as sparkling crowns, princess rings, beads, or wands are all great options for décor before being sent home with the guests.
* Disney music or classical waltzes in the background will help set the ambiance.
* Bunches of pink balloons and silvery or purple streamers can tie the whole theme together.

Game Ideas for a Princess Theme Birthday Party

Parents can announce the arrival of each guest with a royal fanfare. Kids can play in the cardboard castle until other guests arrive.

Parents may want to enlist the help of friends and family members to man makeover stations supplied with glittery nail polish, eye shadow, and sparkly hair clips. A TV at the nail center playing the birthday girl’s favorite princess movie can entertain guests while they wait for their polish to dry.

With just a can of gold spray paint and trip to the thrift store, party planners can whip together a craft table to entertain girls for hours. If each guest is provided with a pre-painted dowel wand and pair of high heels, there’s no end to the fun of decorating with feathers, ribbons, lace, sequins, and stick-on jewels. Pink party hats can be transformed into the familiar conical princess hats with just a few ribbons, a piece of tulle fabric, and glitter. Once the girls have finished designing their costumes, they can take a few spins in front of a full length mirror.

Before the party, parents can make a princess version of twenty questions by creating a deck of index cards each labeled with a sticker of one popular movie princess. Guests take turns drawing a card and answering yes-no questions about their character.

Parents can use a story time to settle everyone down before opening the presents or playing the game of twenty questions. Some great princess theme picture books include: The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna Mayer, Snow White by Josephine Poole, Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm, Sleeping Beauty by K. Y. Craft, Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child, The Storytelling Princess by Rafe Martin, Rapunzel by Barbara Rogasky, and The Sleeping Beauty by Trina Schart.
Gift Bags for a Princess Theme Birthday Party

As guests leave, they’ll love taking home a special bagful of memories from the fun afternoon. Some inexpensive bag stuffers are easy to find in bulk at the toy store or online party suppliers. A few fun ideas include…

* Lip gloss
* Candy necklaces or bracelets
* Beads
* Rings
* Wand
* Fairytale storybooks

These creative ideas are bound to have the birthday girl and her friends shouting “Long live the party planner!”

Pick embroidered saris for the perfect wedding

The use of wedding sari is the traditional way, but today everything loves. Saris are embroidered wedding dress worn by most brides today. Use embroidered in the eyes of sarees wedding the bride are amazing. While every bride wants to shine on his marriage with the unique look. Sari embroidery adorn the bride in a beautiful and greatly enhance its beauty. They also a look full and a great light. It is difficult to have the eyes of the bride wore embroidered sari.

embroidered saris fascinating design the attention it attracts all viewers. The bride also feels very high or high to the door. Da elegant and feels real walking and sitting or girlfriend does not feel inferior to a queen. So the combined effect of luminosity and brilliance Bridal saris embroidered leaves against a tremendous impact on the minds of all those present at the wedding include buddy. Because all the wives saris Embroidered great admiration.

the extreme beauty of embroidered saris are made by various in design, style, fabric and colors. With its ability to every bride to be available in a variety that have reached a high status. Their lines go beyond any expression. So, enjoy the wedding with the use of embroidery saree of your choice and have the spirit of the occasion to new heights.

First we describe its colors and styles. Keeping in traditional and contemporary, both embroidered wedding sari account of all colors, red, brown, pink, Green, blue, violet, coffee, lemon, gold, silver etc. can Bridal sari statement in any color of your choice. As the variety of colors, embroidered sari also come in several styles ranging from traditional to modern everything. A line style, style cut fish, mermaid style, straight cut, kitchen equipped, engraving, etc. are some saris embroidery styles. Its versatile character is also the main reason they won great admiration. Beauty and versatility, making it a great rating.

Consider now the most important "Embroidery Design" into account. India is known for the embroideries of the time. Also with the time has embroidery designs continue to evolve. Include a variety of embroidery works of embroidery thread, embroidered beads, sequins work, job applications, job stone work on the revision, the draft, the mirror work, embroidery Chikan embroidery and needlework, crochet embroidery, embroidery floral embroidery etc., These are different Indian wedding saris are embroidered. The bride may choose one of the embroidered sari for her marriage that she is more sensitive. Every design is unique in its way.

Son gold and silver embroidered saris are chosen by brides. They are certainly expensive, but marriage is also a chance once and expenses saris girlfriend dollars. Their memories will remember the life and looking good and carrying cases for the estimate. Yes one thing to consider when choosing the color embroidered sari and son used to improve the design should the bride and she must take the more reason to live.

The embroidery saris is an indication of the festival and wealth. It's wonderful. Saris simple should be completely avoided by brides in the marriage, because they will have many opportunities to use it. true, it is not simple saris are Call for a wife.

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