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question cat litter ...?

Growing up, we had cats and my mother would buy and use the cheapest ever. The layer of clay litter comes in bags of 20 pounds +. Now that I'm older, trash stepNfresh Nice try and I was happy and, recently, we have tried the crystals. Crystals work well w / odor control and and do not change frequently. I would try to mix them, but I do not know if it's a good idea. Should I use more crystals in the mix or type of clay? Say we're lazy and want to change bedding every week or a few days. What is the best thing to do? Should we still use windows? The only thing I do not like crystals, is that some of them is an ugly yellow color and turns off when you try to maintain the bathroom is clear. Suggestions?

My cat loves it (the least I think it does) the crystals. I love it because of the absence smell ... Keep your bathroom looking clean ... Try a covered cat box. In fact, I keep a box in a closet with the door ajar. I bought an organic environment and placed in the top of the box. Crystals appear to block the smell while maintaining the trash and the smell in the box. Another great thing about the glasses .... some of them claim that you can go two or three weeks without changing the box. Hard waste bag, but they (GASP) is three weeks without changing the box. Certainly, when you do change, Stinky and the same way, is much better than clay litter.

Identification of natural and synthetic crystals

Distinction between natural and synthetic crystals and a crystal glass characterized the shiny surface of crystal jewelry natural oil screen, but the synthesis of crystal title = "Jewels of China" porcelain Jewelry> is displayed in the surface brightness of glass, there are also shining in the crystals of synthetic oil. I 8q glass, but not a gem, but its unparalleled performance and value money and the medical world as more and more good men and women. As a lover of glass I want to have all varieties of crystals, they whether natural or synthetic, but certainly want to know the crystal is natural or synthetic.

Stone market appeared a large number of synthetic crystal necklace, a colorless crystal common Brown series (like the color of the smoke, ink) crystal violet and series (including purple, gray and purple collar people, purple dark) and the glass does not generally set yellow (light yellow, yellow, yellow gold necklace set of crystals) and green (yellow-green, light green, green , dark green) and crystal necklace. They are not expensive for the ladies to add lots of style. However, some operators are reluctant to admit their own Crystal is synthetic, often "crystal necklace natural" to sell crystal necklace synthesis. Therefore, it is necessary to identify natural or synthetic crystal necklace crystal necklace.

Now, the necklace crystal necklace citrine market and lacquer can be described as mixed semi-natural and synthetic but most of the crystal necklace colored synthetic glass. Less true natural Caijing, used in a necklace made of less.

I characterized synthetic glass by the submarine's largest nuclear Jingjing. If crystal nucleation synthesis is a good reason, because the nuclei are generally colorless stone column, with clear boundaries around the crystal synthesis. However, recently the market a series of synthetic crystal clear, because the nucleation of crystals, and synthesis are colorless, with the nuclei of certain physical characteristics or inclusions in crystals in the nucleus and the synthesis of a series air bubbles between, some people do not experience easily confused with a natural crystal, careful observation reveals that nuclei in the body of the package exists only son of the nuclear column, surrounded by an invisible wall there is a detainee, the feeling of loss without delay. Between the core and the synthesis of crystalline bubbles are distributed along the core wall formed parallel to each wall of the bubble "other". Some bubbles were tadpoles, go to the final liquidation of the outer wall. Natural Crystal is also often organized in groups along a surface appear inclusions, but the face is usually a single, high and low, and the composition of the surface precious wholesale China "> gems wholesale China package body on the jewel will be recognized microscopically as inclusions in two phases, and not just bubbles. The difference is obvious.

I particularly the composition of synthetic glass glass color is characterized per second color uniformity. More uniform color along neck, mainly yellow and brown glass series, crystal black synthetic. The color glass natural yellow and brown, black can be very heterogeneous. The heterogeneity of natural crystal is not only color, and often the color of tea (except glass brown on the outside), more interesting is that at night under incandescent light, yellow tea, crystal slightly yellow without completely like a brown glass tea mixture Glass and identification if it is really good. I saw the synthesis Uniform colors are pure topaz, darker colors, but not the color of tea and will not change color under incandescent light at night.

It should be noted that the synthesis of amethyst, often dark purple with a few good films orientation, it is easy to think of natural groups of amethyst in the characteristics of irregular flakes. The biggest difference between the two new synthetic amethyst in the group deep purple color is almost parallel to the direction of the sheet, the small difference of form, line clear. Amethyst is the color of natural group arbitrary irregular shape, change color with depth, but the line is the gradient. If synthetic Thurs floating in the metaphor of the film Purple deep tissue "purple and purple amethyst in natural groups can be regarded as floating Yan Zi Group." This is the main difference between the two.

I Caijing natural, especially amethyst, is a function that has the same hexagonal sapphire ribbon. In particular, a recent synthesis of green glass there are often parallel to the strip, a strip along the wall of a level of parallel development of sub-nuclei. I seen as a synthesis of the chain crystal necklace in green, yellow and green and white appear as the natural crystal band with some solid organic impurities brown translucent easily confused with a natural green glass, but the formation of crystals synthesized tape along the wall parallel to the sub-nuclear distribution, any right, without angle is crystal necklace belt changes across the board, the mere mention of separate bands of equal width, giving an excess "in step" and not physical. Cleaning CKKC synthetic crystals is the third book is impeccable. natural glass inclusions and often cotton, synthetics and sparkling crystals. synthetic crystals of individual bubbles or weak. Some synthetic crystals are often the last in a series of triangles in the long tubular holes in these pores powdered green or red. It is characterized by a long tube in a direction parallel, triangular, often unequal distributing powdered green or red Yan Bi, the milieu is often empty, long tube ends are cut trend. But the real crystal is a natural fat with tourmaline actinolite, rutile and other minerals and crystals, these minerals have their way, as actinolite, "bamboo as a form". They are wrapped in glass, non-directional random arrangement of different thickness and length name and often accompanied by the inherent natural glass inclusions and cotton and so on. Glass (amethyst) and the distinction between natural crystal

Lead in glass, crystal and glass with the refractive index high imitation amethyst rare in the land market more frequent their mutual distinction as follows: (1) direct contact with the heart or GEM Tsui Unfortunately, feeling cold glass of natural crystal glass with an imitation heat. (2) using polarized light microscopy: a 360 degrees polarizing microscope, and four out of four changes to the darkness is a natural glass there is no change in the vitreous as the glass. (3) by check in two colors: There are two natural amethyst, glassy materials such as glass does dichroism. (4) to the light transmitted both examined The magnifying glass is basically glass bubble and crystal set. (5) with a hardness of stone feldspar 6 believes that the precious stone in the long program, with notches can be drawn is that the objective of vitreous glass, like crystal. If no feldspar or directly in the program Glass received the crystal can be canceled without cuts, such as glazed glass. (6) was detected with a thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity meter to test the modified cell 4 green gems, crystals can reach 2 yellow cells, while glass crystal products do not increase as much as the area is a large yellow compartment.

(1) natural crystal. Quartz is a mineral of high purity, most of its color is white and slightly transparent colored purple and green

Is this due to the formation of minerals in the natural course of marginal containing other metals such as iron, copper, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, nickel, due to the infiltration of rust.

(2) synthetic crystals. Its characteristics are similar to natural crystals, but the biggest difference is that the center of a crystal glass crystal flakes synthetic Jingjing nuclear submarine is not natural.

(3) melting of glass (from quartz glass). Despite their chemical composition as natural crystals are silicon dioxide, but is a chemical treatment wastewater to remove impurities crosses and high melting temperature of the oven, cooling by cutting, sanding, polishing Jewelry processed. Most often, the crystal quality, minimum value, no part of the star point of natural crystal, the distribution of clouds and fluid inclusions flocculant, visible with a magnifying glass whirlpool examination or liquid melting curve arc-shaped stripes. The ornaments in the temples or hand or tongue licking touch, a sense of natural crystal are fresh and cold for a long time and have a warm feeling of melting glass.

In addition to differences, the natural crystal following true and false as obvious:

① natural distribution of purple glass uneven uneven distribution of the leaf, there are inclusions gas-liquid synthetic uniform color crystal violet, and the nuclear submarine Jingjing center.

② natural crystal and smoky quartz crystals are yellow and other colors, so blue or orange, while the color changed artificially. color change glass is the difference between the natural glass, change the color of the uniform crystal color, you can not see the flakes of irregular chromophore. Change the port glass jewelry artificial colors fade slowly after a little longer loss decoration and value assessment.

③ the observation of the sun, Natural crystal jewelry supplier "supplier> jewelry china In any case, high, you can see the light, even small scratches or kitten-like texture, and fake jewelry crystal regeneration is generally defective fusion slag or glass, stained by copying polished the front of the sun can not even see the stripes and texture similar to kitten.

④ the sun, natural crystal jewelry from all angles, all shine radiant look with crystal jewelry is not false glory.

the index of refraction ⑤ natural crystal is 1.54, the index refractive glass forgery is generally less than 1.00, or natural crystals with different refractive index

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