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I'm looking for a model using a jelly roll quilt together.?

I have a Moda Jelly Roll Christmas and I am looking for ideas.

For free patterns, you can go to (homepage Fashion) and there are two ways to find models - some found in the collections fabrics - some are for sale - Each group has produced a jelly roll fashion - and most of them have free patterns that use the jelly roll - can also try - They have tons Free templates - If you are looking for something specific, or you want more resources for the purchase of a model line, after the back and I'm going to send my e-mail.

Fashion Fabric

Fashion is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the United States for the designer of the quilt fabric. However, his creations are woven sought not only to the United States, but quilters also live in Australia and Europe. What distinguishes the mode is distinguished from other fabric manufacturers Quilting? Why consumers especially quilting, favorite target = "_blank"> Fashion Fabric? Consider some of the unique aspects fashion.

Fashion has built a great team of web designers who have talent. Just to name a few: Chloe's Closet, April Cornell, American Jane Lila Tuela, Sanae Sandy Gervais Sentimental Studios, etc. are some of the best designers. Fashion has a team of over 30 designers with each of them making their talent and unique style to the table. With each one of them the release of several collections of fabric per year, you're sure to find your collection preferred.

In addition to such talented designers on your computer, fashion is world famous for its pre-cut fabric. fashion fabric pre-cut of all shapes and sizes, including Fat Quarter Pack, Layer Cake, Jelly Rolls, honey buns and charm packages. Whether you sew or occasionally a living mulch, Fashion precut fabric is sure to save time and money. First Instead, you will not have to spend hours in the reduction the fabric before you start sewing, the favorite part for most of us. In addition, each collection offers pre-cut designs in tissue from a complete collection without having to buy all the designs of the court,

A Fashion District Fat The package contains pre-cut squares each square of fabric 18 "x 22". Shifts are ideal for many projects as a single quilt, bag or purse, etc. You can work with them without cutting or you can cut the fat in the shapes and sizes small area, if necessary.

A Moda Jelly Roll is a set of pre-cut strips of fabric with each Band fabric 2.5 "x 44". Fashion Honey is identical to a Jelly Roll, with the exception of fabric strips of only 1.5 cm wide. If you ever cut strips of cloth by hand or with a rotary cutter for a quilt, you know that using a roll of jelly or honey bread is a blessing. All Strips are actually the same size and do not end up with excess tissue. Of course, the gain factor of time is a big plus too.

For the most creative and Quilt project, use a pack of Moda Charm. A Charm Pack contains a set of pieces of fabric squares with each square 5 "x 5. Moda charm packs are the best way to get a complete fabric designs since the packet contains a charm square fabric woven of each design model in a collection.

Bearing notes that no other manufacturer offers quilting fabric pre-cut fabrics and fashion, it is easy to understand why crafts and quilts are so crazy for Moda Fabrics. So the next once you're looking for new fabrics to consider purchasing pre-cut fabric Moda. No matter the size or the size of your project may be creative, you can be sure of finding the perfect fabric collection by Moda.

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