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How I can safely whiten a hand knitted garment raw wool?

Knit a sweater in a child's natural / 70% wool, 30% mohair, unbleached. I wish it were just a little whiter. Does anyone have any suggestions? One of the things she learned from her grandmother perhaps?

If chlorine is handspun wool a little each time you wash. You can speed this up using aggressive detergents, but I did not do. If it is a wool spinning mill natural colored wool, forget that water bleach and dye the yarn to remain unchanged.

All we know is good to start with the dot patterns easy when you're a beginner. But frankly, how excited can you get about knitting acrylic potholders? This article gives you some tips to start knitting happily in no time. No need to be frustrated by a complicated design to do something that you can get excited.


Even a very simple garment can be wonderful if it is united from superb materials. Wool is by far the most satisfying fiber to knit for beginners. It is difficult, elasticity natural, and forgiveness of tension from beginning. And of course, this is a wonderful variety of colors and styles. worsted weight is good for beginners - anything less and you lose patience waiting for the results. Over a good basis can be found in many stores Pride Lamb wool or mohair blend that is strong and clear and comes in fabulous colors. Blends of wool or silk are also good for beginners, but can be expensive.

If you're in a hot climate and prefer to start with cotton, fine, but it is not satisfactory for weaving. Cotton should be a little tighter than wool, so with a slightly smaller needle as a general rule. Point your store will be happy to recommend an appropriate size needle for the yarn to use.

I recommend acrylic son - it is hard on the hands and satisfactory, even if it feels good in the store.

(Incidentally, as a first step, not obsessed with size, which is how many dots per inch you get. His first projects are all about developing your rhythm as a knitter and making the two basic points of second nature.)

Start with a "no there is a pattern "PATTERN

Once you have the tools and son have picked up some great, assuming you know the two dots (Dot and Lace) is ready to go.

(If you do not know how to knit at all, and not have someone who can demonstrate that the fundamentals do not despair not. This is a good eBook that will guide through AZ while so you can start immediately.)

For its first projects, knit simple pieces that do not depend on a lot of measurement or precision. You can knit a nice pashmina style stole - sharing only about 200-250 points and knit in garter stitch (which means that each row, and not quietly) until 24 "wide or less, you can avoid this tedious work either. I love with a wire or working in the bands of many beautiful colors. (If you use multiple colors, make sure they are all from the same brand and type of wire. In other words, you want 3.5 skeins pride lamb or any other wire you choose, in different colors.)

With circular needle, you can make a great tubular scarf that stops on the head in cold weather. (As a large turtle, not from Jersey.) Again, ride around 200-250 points, but this time with them in a circle (point your shop can help), then just point to about 24 "and discarded. Be sure that you want a nice soft yarn if you create something be used for the face. Also knit every round in this case, but because it is circular, you end up with regular old point (call Jersey) instead of garter. Jersey loops around the edges, unlike garter stitch that lies flat. Jersey also covers a little better.

If you are ready to expand beyond simple rectangles and tubes, check out my lens on Squidoo rel = "nofollow"> "Target =" _new "reasons> easy knitting hipsters that includes resources for all online stores son of an amazing new book with a pattern of at a Mohawk.

happy time!

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