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how to resize a knitting pattern?

if i wanted to half the size of this pattern to fit a small soft toy....would i just divide all of the numbers or is there a speacial way to do it?

If I were going to knit that sweater for a toy (a plaything, not a teensy dog, right?), I'd rethink the whole pattern and use different yarn. That pattern uses category 5 (Homespun, Moonlight Mohair) and category 6 yarn (Chenille Thick & Quick [discontinued] and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick) and size US 13 needles. That's some thick fabric!

What I might do is use size US 8 needles and regular Wool-Ease (category 4) in Mustard. That's rated at 18 stitches = 4" and 24 rows = 4", about half of the 9.5 stitches = 4" and 12 rows = 4" of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. So that would give you the sweater at about half the original size just by following directions.

Then make the mane of *regular* Chenille (category 5), Homespun, and Moonlight Mohair, all of which are still available and won't affect the size.


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