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Algebra II - Linear systems (three variables) matrix inverse?

I'm good with word problems, but got stuck. "You is a mosaic of three types of stained glass. Need Squa glass 6 feet for the project and want so many combinations of crystal and iridescent red and blue glass. The cost of a plate glass with an area of 0.75 square meter is $ 6.50 for iridescence, $ 4.50 for red and blue for $ 5.50. How many pieces of each type of purchase, if you plan to spend $ 45 on the project? "Suppose that x is iridescent, and z is for red is blue. Equationgs What three in the system? Therefore, I can Matrix solve.

Equation 1, each zone being established and area 1SQ y = x = area of iridescent red zone of the equation z = 1 x Blue + + Z = 6 2nd $ 45 =. equation 75 * $ 6.50 * x + 75 * $ 4.50 * and +. 75 * $ 5.50 * z + 4.875x + 3.375y 4.125z = 45 3rd equation from there be glass, and iridescent blue and red crystal combined x = y + zx + y + z = 0

Art mosaic glass shop for Tools and Accessories

Make beautiful glass tile mosaic art is easy! I'll tell you.

Always shop around before buying tools and materials of the mosaic. Today, many glass suppliers sell online. Some are great, others not so great. Some have a great selection, but prices and lousy service. Some have a lousy selection, but very good price. Shop before buying and you will eventually find a vendor that you like.

The price differences between online vendors can be significant. For example, I found exactly the same in Glas-Snapper several online stores with prices ranging from $ 3 to $ 7. Some vendors have great prices for glass, but the high prices on the tools, and vice versa. Decide if the cost value of the shipment of your order split between two suppliers or if is better for everything from a single provider that offers the best overall price.

Some online sellers prices are an excellent mom and pop, so do not be surprised if you receive is not exactly what you asked. I think the lack of quality control of online shoppers very disconcerting, but prices are so although I do not care if they are minor errors in the large orders that I save $ 100.

Be sure to try your favorite shop in town. The near me has a bad selection of tools, but offers a wide selection of stained glass. Their prices are comparable to most stores regular line, but they also have 40% coupons every few weeks so I can buy a 12 inch square stained glass for sale at half price Online, in addition to avoid paying shipping.

Be sure to check shipping costs before buying in line. Do you receive the service transport based on the weight or the cost of your order? glass and heavy tools, so if they charge by weight, shipping surprising. In addition, some online retailers for free "boxing" with an average fee of $ 7 per order.

Have you important service for you? I deal with online retailers with cheap price, but do not give me the time of day when I sent questions. Long time I first thought about using colored glass, I had all sorts of questions that may seem silly now. But they were silent for me at that time because the glass was a new world for me and I do not know much. I used the vendor "Contact Us" link on their site to ask my first question. I never received a reply, even after three attempts. Needless to say I have never ordered from that supplier, irrespective of their price.

Contrary to that experience, I found an online store specializing in excellent 3/4-inch square vitreous glass. I sent them a couple of questions and instantly receive a detailed response and friendly. I went on more and got a quick response as well. I am satisfied with their willingness to help and patience with my questions. Although their prices online are not the least Dear, I have several orders of $ 150 with them.

Remember, making mosaic art is easy. You can do. Yes you can!

About the Author

Bill Enslen has created beautiful mosaic art for 30 years. His new eBook, Mosaic Pieces: Essentials for Beginner and Professional Mosaic Artists, gives you step-by-step details for creating your own mosaic masterpieces. Visit his website and read the free sample chapters at Glass Mosaic Tile Art. Let him show you just how easy it is. With Bill's help, you can do it. Yes, you can!


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