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A handbag / bag sewing patches on the band ... 10 points.?

So I need a bag of high-school years in second place, and I therefore quite general dress and style, not much swing, so even if the music and rock is my life ... haha, but I love clothes and other cute gladiator .... So I thought which can have a bag of Hella cute and sew a bunch of band patches on it, for my business in school and let people know that I love these bands ... So, you can help to find the bag right? anything with nails? leather, plastic, fabric?? black? No se. Please help me.

instead of buying one, you can do all yourself. You can live a long sleeve shirt and tie for a shoulder sleeve, sewing the bottom of the shirt together and you have a hodgepodge of origin. Then you can add all the things you love and they represent including the names of band patches and pins. This is unique and great Do It Yourself project to review the whole world! If you do not have a shirt, you can make a handbag, you can buy really cheap at Walmart simple. It really shows your personal style. You can use Google for more tips on how to make a shirt bag

A spokesman for professionals to improve their sound, more than any other part of his saxophone. I recommend that the first piece of equipment that you buy to improve your sound. Torches will be available in two types-jazz and classical. For reading in general, you want a good spokesman classics. These plastics are looking for. They are called hard rubber. There are three excellent tips, I recommend that the prices are reasonable. The 4R Rousseau is approximately $ 70 and it is fantastic. The 4R refers to the size of the tip. The Selmer S80 C * is another good advice. It will cost about $ 100 or less. The Rousseau New Classic plays S80 with a sound a bit different. It costs about $ 80.00. I recommend these books for all saxophones.

spokesman Jazz are a bit more complicated. If you play Alto, most people are a bit hard rubber compared to metal, which tends to be a little brighter for the top. If you play lot of rock music, you may want to sound bright. My favorite tip high to play jazz in general is the Meyer 6M. This is a classic that has long existed. I'll probably start here first ignored.

Tenor and baritone generally prefer a metal mouthpiece. From I love the content of Otto link 7 or 6. It has a good sound and is very popular. I do not mean soprano or baritone Most people start at the high or the content.

Before paying a lot of money for a tip, you should always try first. If you bought the mark exactly 10, and tried everything, you see they are all different. Always first test and choose what works best for you. Later, you may want to buy a spokesman at hand enjoy the wonderful sound that comes from there. Be prepared to pay big money for one of these!

You may have a different size reed in the mouth of jazz, then you use in your classic. Most people use a size a little more smooth jazz. Also, if you are feeling nozzle in your teeth, you can buy a piece of tooth to put in the nozzle. This comfortable in your front teeth, and protect the nozzle.

If are a beginner on the saxophone, you should stay with the classic play. After more advanced, you'll probably want a piece of jazz styles. If you not interested in the styles of popular music should not be the subject of jazz. Really there is a difference between the two types, and if you intend all styles of play, which certainly need both types of nozzles.

Now click on this link to hear some of the differences between the two types of mouthpieces: Here you will find everything you need for the saxophone and jazz improv all for FREE! Enjoy!


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