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instrument that can play the lowest notes of music?

I'm curious about a flute or a violin and where I can find a scale musical with all the notes in descending order.

A Piccolo can play an octave higher than the flute, so she is older. Violinist theoretically can play higher than through the use of harmonics (natural and artificial harmonics). However, the range of notes to the fingers the handle length is limited to handle (the bridge) and the extent of the player, but above the highest note of the flute. You can find interesting links below. Note that the ranges above all strings are a little higher than shown in Table Dolmetsch.

6 steps to install a fixed, wall decor, including musical notes wall decor

Parts of your home include wall Common Shopping? A random thing to hang in the halls of our homes. That's another thing to create a set of wall decoration. Although creating sets, you take time, money and effort, the results ultimately will be useful. However, it is important to have a methodical approach Set in creating the mural. Here are some tips to make the process as easy and efficient as possible:

1. Choose location all decoration pieces
The most effective way is to place all the elements of wall decoration on a table or floor. Then, try different organizations to enter that room is the best arrangement.

2. Through arrangements different design
By creating a scenery has several modes to choose from. For example, you can use a symmetrical arrangement, which could include a small portion of the left right of a work of art Great Wall. Another option would be to place three small pieces of art in a horizontal or vertical.

Another approach is to create a provision asymmetric. Place a large piece of art in the center. Then place two smaller pieces, such as musical notes wall decor

left or right of the large room. To create balance, place a small piece directly on the piece.

3. Remove all decorations existing wall before installing the new parts
Before starting the installation of nails and screws hanging wall decor, be sure to remove all elements that are currently hanging on the wall. This will prevent them from falling to the ground due to impact of the wall or jackhammer to create.

4. Take action and start nails and screws for installation
Consider posting on the wall decoration of 5-6 feet above the ground, it is at eyes. Of course, some people are shorter than five feet, and some people are taller than six feet. However, most people fall somewhere between that range.

If you install a shelf, make sure you follow some basic steps. Use a level to ensure that is balanced horizontally. It is strongly recommended to use anchors if the wall shelves are particularly harsh.

5. Start hanging wall art.
Once it has finished installing the equipment decorate the wall, you can install different types of wall hangings (as noted decoration musical) shelves, etc.

6. Place the fittings in the wall bracket (if you have installed).
After the installation of a wall shelf, the following step is to place the accessories in it. Assuming you have already created a test device elements of the platform, it will be a piece of cake.

You can create a wall decoration in effect established with elements such as the state Timber! Just follow the advice above for all your wall decor!

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